Posted by: jility | November 14, 2010

Let There NOT Be Light!

So my friend Bob  is a big fat whiny baby. He mentioned to me the other day that the song that goes, Indiana Wants Me, Lord I Can’t Go Back There... would be a great theme song for my blog since I was lamenting about having to stay there much too long. So when I named my blog after that song yesterday, I get this WAH WAH WAH email from Bob wanting to know why neither he nor the song writer/singer R Dean Taylor got a bit of credit for that.

OK Bob, here’s the thing: I already knew that song and had planned to use it myself. Just because you mentioned it, doesn’t give you the copyright to my blog names. So do I have to give you credit for every single word I use that you have uttered to me on the phone every day for the past billion years? That’s what I thought. Even R Dean Taylor didn’t write to me wanting credit!

There’s your credit right there Bob ~ You big baby!

There was a thick layer of frost on the field and trees at the Ladybug RV Park this morning. It was quite beautiful. A light low fog briefly hovered just above  ground. We were still the only ones in the small park. Mel took the dogs out, no need for leashes there (except for Isabella who would walk away from home in search of critters given half a chance).

The Ladybug RV Park in Cuba.,Missouri

I settled in at the computer and Mel opened the refrigerator to grab an orange. Suddenly I hear, “THE FRIDGE IS WARM!” I was unimpressed and suggested that perhaps somebody had not closed the door all the way. “NO!” he says in a frantic voice, “IT IS HOT!!! The temperature gauge says 99.9 and that’s as high as it goes! The vegetables on the top shelf are HOT!” I figured he was exaggerating and ignored him. So he brings me a large head of Napa cabbage and says, “FEEL!” It was so hot I couldn’t hold my hand there! No exaggeration!!! The freezer, however, was still frozen solid!

So Sir Cusalot gets the manual out and starts reading. He is cussing at the manual because there is nothing in there about such things. The bottom stuff in the fridge was still cold but the stuff on top was practically cooked! Then he says that perhaps it is the light, that maybe the light was not going out but the only way to know would be to climb in the fridge and shut the door WTF? Sure Mel, you climb in there and I will close the door. Yell when you want out. Then he says, “Remember that piece of plastic you found and asked me what it was?” I say that yes I did remember as that was LAST NIGHT and I am NOT THAT SENILE YET! “Well,” he says, “I bet that was the thing that tells the light to turn on or off. I bet you they broke it when they cleaned the fridge at the repair place.” That’ll teach me to pay somebody else to clean my refrigerator!

I reminded him that he had told me to toss it and that he would have to ride in there holding the button in so the light stayed off. He didn’t think I was A BIT FUNNY! Sir Cusalot went on a search for something to hold the button in when the door was closed. Where is the duct tape when you need it?

He found some electrical tape and secured the light button. He turned the fridge to “flash chill” and shut the door. After 8 hours, the temperature was only down to 56! So much for flash chill!

We have a lot of cabbage to eat for dinner. I think it is sauerkraut by now. All I have to do is throw in some hot peppers and I will have kimchi. I love kimchi!

So we made it to Oklahoma and will drive as far as we can each day so we make it by Tuesday night so the girls can get coiffed Wednesday morning.


  1. 8. It says 8 dogs. EIGHT dogs. I count only 6 (six). So where are the puppies and when dod they get into the picture?

    I also hate fucking red starts on the ‘leave a response’ thingey!!

    If it doesn’t work this time, that is it! I already replied once….

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