Posted by: jility | November 16, 2010

Let There Be LIGHT!

 The farther south and west we drove, the happier I felt. I find the higher, brighter sun so soothing, calming and comforting. Even Sir Cussalot seems to be in a better mood.

We dropped down from Albuquerque, New Mexico on I-25 about 10 in the morning. The KOA RV Park where we spent the night had a cute little off leash dog park complete with miniature agility obstacles. They had Billy Barty’s teeter and A-frame, a picture frame jump and a doghouse tunnel. I was so proud of Mel. He took his puppy over there and shaped her to do the picture frame jump and doghouse tunnel! The dogs got to run a bit and play on the shrunken equipment.

Our route took us down I-25 to Hatch, NM and over to I-10. It was nice to see sagebrush and high desert landscape and vegetation. I LOVE the desert! Trees are nice but the desert really calls me. We went from snow in Amarillo, Texas to 72 degrees in southern New Mexico. The bright sun bathed us in her warmth and I felt so much at home again. I may have been born and raised in New England but I am a Southwesterner at heart.

Have I said how much I LOVE and missed my own bed? We have a king size Tempur-pedic and it is the best bed on the PLANET! We were limited in the thickness that would fit under the vanity when the slide is brought in so we have a low to middle of the road model (the Deluxe). I had started to take it for granted until I spent the last three weeks without it. If you are ever considering a new mattress, do yourself and your body a favor and buy a Tempur-pedic! I had a Sleep Number for years and HATED it! I was SO happy when it was punctured and ruined so we could get something different.

We are settled in for the night at the same KOA RV Park in which we stayed on the opening leg of our three month BIG ABENTURE! We are in Benson, AZ for the night. Crush found the jolly ball on a rope and is in the bedroom entertaining herself, pushing it around and barking and growling at it. The puppies are sound asleep in their crates after dinner and everyone else is resting.

What a great trip this has been but I am so happy to almost be home!

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