Posted by: jility | November 17, 2010

…The End

The plan was to drive to Yuma from Benson, AZ and spend the night there. I researched dog friendly RV parks and found one; The Palms RV said to be “Voted the best RV park in the Country.” They had large spaces and fenced dog areas and are in partnership with a veterinary hospital and it was also only for old fogies over the age of 55. We pulled in around noon but the desk people had gone to lunch and wouldn’t be back until one. We took the girls potty and looked around a bit. It was nice (not the best I have seen, however) and sat for a few minutes staring out the front window. Finally, I said to Mel, “DO you really want to stay here for the night? We are only 4 hours from home.” Mel said he would if I wanted to. There was a good vegan place to eat in town (believe it or not in YUMA!) and we both wanted to eat there. We sat thinking for a few more minutes, then Sir Cussalot said, “F#@% IT! Let’s go home.” So that is what we did.

The giant Arizona saguaros gave way to elegant California ocotillos. I love the desert plants. The saguaros are so interesting; no two are even close to being the same. They look almost lifelike in many ways. Some are waving and some are soldier like and some are just plain obscene (those are my favorite ;).

Often seen in desert paintings, the incredibly graceful ocotillos are nothing short of spectacular when their salmon flowers bloom in the spring. The ocotillos grow among the unusual rockscape of the mountain area of the desert. There are a lot up in the mountains outside the Palm Spring area as well as the Boulder Park area of California.

The other fascinating thing about that area is the amazing rocks! They are so interesting and look as though giant rock figures will rise up at any moment and start walking like that spoof sci-fi movie with Tim the Toolman Taylor and Sigourney Weaver, Galaxy Quest.

We hit the I-15 from the 8 about 2:30 and the traffic was typical Southern California all day crazy. They may be rude and impatient but at least the California drivers know how to FREAKING MERGE! They get on the onramp, step on the gas and move into the lane ahead of you. They don’t make you slam on the breaks or even slow down!

The dogs sensed we were getting close to home and began to get restless. By the time we got to our place, all hell broke loose and the girls began screaming with excitement! We unlocked the gate and pulled into the driveway. Mel unhooked the car and parked the Global Warmer. NO sooner had I shut the gate when all eight dogs came screaming up the driveway and took off in the other direction like a school of fish in unison. Man they were happy! Uppity yipped, as she always does, as she ran after Crush who was full out leaping up and down the banks of the agility yards. When Crush would stop to catch her breath, the Poopaloopas would stand over her barking at her to GIT RUNNIN!!! They had a blast!

Isabella found a wonderful dead thing to eat. It was too late by the time we got to her. Hopefully it will work its way out without a trip to the vet. It was an old mummified squirrel. Josephine also found a dead squirrel but we managed to get that one away before she ate it.

Mel spent more than an hour setting up. I put down the rugs inside and then I walked around the outside scanning our fruit trees. They look anemic and pitiful. I am not sure why. Some look wonderful and some pathetic. I fear we will lose them if we don’t figure it out and fast!

I was going to make a map of our entire trip but I am too lazy. We went over 8,000 miles (not including the cruise!). It was a most excellent BIG Abenture and one I will remember fondly. We were gone for three months! I will be ready to go again soon. The gypsy in me can’t sit still for too long or I get much too restless.

But for now, I am VERY glad to be home.

Parting shots:

Sir Cussalot driving with his rally cap to keep the sun out of his eyes

Millie in her place behind the driver's seat

MeMe in her spot right next to us. She guards her place fiercely!


Barque trying to take over Isabella's spot and Josephine has her place and nobody messes with Josephine's place!

Crushie doing what she does best; PLEASE PET ME ALL THE TIME!!!

Widmills of the high desert


Uppity checking out the windmills

Alien rocks of the high desert

Alien rocks about to come to life

The Leaning Tower of Texas

Pankins doing motel jility

Crushie endlessly playing with jolly ball

Are we having fun yet Mel?


THE END… (for now)


  1. The true is out, I see Uppity working the computer,we know who the writer really is.

  2. sigh…
    glad you are safely home, and thanks for sharing the adventure.

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