Posted by: jility | November 26, 2010

Whistling Blue Balls and More-on Today

Whistling Blue Balls

SO our dogs are insane for these balls

They are hard to find and I finally had to order them online. However, we spent one afternoon in Avon, Indiana in search of these prized blue balls. Each time we walked into the pet supply stores, I would find a young male worker that looked like he had a sense of humor and ask in my innocent old lady voice, “Do you have whistling blue balls?” I got some very strange looks and Mel would just walk away but I did have some fun that afternoon. Isn’t that all that counts? As my friend Karin Haderly says, “It is only funny until somebody gets hurt…then it is hysterical!”

More-on Today

OK, so today I had Qed in JWW with an OK run but a Q nonetheless. So when it was time for my standard run, I let Charisse out of her x-pen and proceeded to walk to the other side of the rings where the entry gates were (we were crated on the backside of the rings). So Charisse and I are walking along and Charisse is, as usual, staring up at me, riveted to my side, waiting to see where we are going and what we are going to do (OK, she was really waiting for another treat but whatever). ANYway, we walk all the way around the ring and start towards the entrance when I hear, “PUT THAT DOG ON A LEASH! YOU CAN’T WALK AROND HERE OFF LEASH! THIS IS AKC…” blah blah blah. So I look down and realize I had neglected to hitch Charisse up to a leash (I never use a leash on her and rarely on Uppity). I told her I hadn’t even realized Charisse was off leash! We laughed at what a moron I am and then it hit me…CRAP! NOW WHAT? I was due to go in the ring, couldn’t go anywhere now that I realized I had no leash. It was like one of those dreams you have when you look down and there you are standing in the middle of a high school gathering, stark nekkid! So a very nice friend offered to go back to my set up and grab my leash for me! This person is a gem. She would swim the English Channel for you if you asked! So I stood holding onto Charisse’s collar, embarrassed and ashamed, while this dear person ran (literally!) ALL the way back to get my leash.

When I got her leash I hooked it up and off we went to finish off our second Q for the double. That was out 8th double Q towards MACH 2 and now we have all our points too! What a good girl Charisse is.

Get it? More-on today! Moron today!

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