Posted by: jility | December 6, 2010

Clean Up On Ken’s Shoe…Clean Up On Ken’s Shoe!

The plane from Canada was scheduled to arrive in San Diego Wednesday night at 10:30. Because I don’t see well at night (which makes driving in the dark a hairy experience for all), my friends, Lynda & Susan, made a reservation to stay the night near the airport and in the morning I would make the 90 minute drive to fetch them. The plan was for them to stay Thursday night at Mel’s daughter, Leslie’s house in Temecula (where we park the Global Warmer) and then we would drive up to the AKC Invitational on Friday.

Susan was running her BC, Encore and Lynda came along to visit and support her friend (how nice is that? :)). We did some shopping and vegan eating and left for Long Beach Friday morning. The hotels near the Invitational cost a billion dollars a night so we stayed in the cheap rent district about 4 miles away at the Extended Stays of America. Full kitchens made the stay easier because, as vegans (well Susan and I are vegans but poor Lynda got dragged along to the vegan places), we had a place to chill our special lunches and junk food (not that Susan had any junk food ;)). I did feel bad for Lynda being outnumbered by vegans. We are used to being dragged to non-vegan places but, I do believe the carnivores and omnivores find the other way around more unpleasant. Lynda was a good sport though.

My long time friend and weekend roommate, Jane, was there to watch a dog she co-owns show in the beauty pageant side of the Invitational so, other than evenings, we never saw each other.

This year the agility was not outside in a tent freezing everyone’s butts off! There were two nice rings with sod just on the other side of the wall from the breed rings. Other than being a little too warm, it was very pleasant! Obedience was two floors up in a quiet, sterile environment. It was like being at a chess match. You could hear a pin drop! Not so in the agility area!!! There was lots of partying going on around those rings! The support and excitement was intoxicating (and tiring for some of the competitors who ran their hearts out).

The Unknown Canandian napping in the stands

We claimed our little corner of the bleachers early on Friday. We were in a spot where we could see both agility rings easily with just a turn of the head. We didn’t have cushy seats like they did in the beauty contest or obedience, we had hard metal bleachers. Of course, agility is so much more popular than the other two events that they needed a way to seat a lot more people. It is strange to me that agility brings in enormous amounts of money to breed clubs and to AKC, yet it is treated like the red headed step child. I was told that Eukanuba cut HUGE checks for the breed ring winners but I am not sure what the amount was compared to agility. They were filming the breed rings to be televised but we were told there would be no televising of agility. Breed ring – SNOOZE! Agility – EXCITING! Poor choice I think (but I am a tad biased ;)).

One of the problems with the breed ring folks is that, for some unknown reason, they seem to think they don’t have to pick up after their own dogs. It is as though they not only believe their own shit doesn’t stink but neither does their dogs’! It never ceases to amaze me when I walk by the conformation area and hear over the loud speaker, “Pick up in ring 8… Pick up in ring 8!” FOR PETE’S SAKE! WTF? Why don’t these people carry bags and scoop their own damn poop??? So our friend Ken told us that, while outside walking his own dogs at the show, he stepped in unscooped poop not only once but TWICE in a matter of minutes! I told him that he should have gone over to the announcer’s table, grabbed the mike and yelled, “CLEAN UP ON KEN’S SHOE!…CLEAN UP ON KEN’S SHOE!!!”

I saw tons of friends and acquaintances there from all over the Country! We are very lucky in our travels to meet so many extraordinary people. I saw lots of Washington and California homeys too. We saved a few rows of our corner for friends and joked that they had to have the “Official hand stamp” to be allowed to view from our territory. I left my seat to go shopping on Saturday and when I returned, I found an interloper had encroached on my spot! They had moved the pillow a friend had given me and my coat! I was told they had pushed and pushed until all my things fell to the step below! HOW FREAKING RUDE IS THAT? I went just a little postal on her ass and asked what had happened to my pillow and my coat! She said she never saw a pillow or coat and that was when a friend told me she had nudged and nudged until my stuff fell! Then I REALLY WENT POSTAL! I know, you are thinking, Not sweet Helen! She would never get angry or say a word to cause a confrontation would she? Helen is just all sweetness and roses! Well, I know that is true 😉 but what could I do? Let’s just say I took back my homesteaded piece of bleacher and the claim jumper never said another word to my bitchy ass again.

Battle won and peace treaty signed (well, sorta), I settled in to watch some more amazing agility. It was so much fun to see the different breeds run. Some breeds were common, some rarely seen and others a mystery as to what they really were. We saw everything from two incredible Chihuahuas that knocked our socks off (especially the guys’ – inside joke :)), to a Great Dane that moved around the ring like an enormous Warmblood. Next year the mutts can join in the fun! How great is that? With multipliers going away for the 2012 qualifying period and the 24″ dogs getting so much more time now, we might even see a standard Poodle in there very soon! Sadly, it won’t be one of ours as Josephine is too old but there are lots of great standards out there!

Uncle Jef fueling up for the finals

Susan laid down some smokin hot runs with Encore and went into the 20″ finals in first place with five clean runs. Uncle Jef also managed five clean runs with our friend, Steve’s Weimaraner, Booster. Steve won the Invitational with Booster two years ago and placed second last year. This year a horrific car accident prevented Steve from running his own dog so he asked Uncle Jef to step in and take over as Booster’s handler. Booster is the most phenomenal dog and Jef did an incredible job running him. Jef fell in one round at the third to last jump but managed to right himself in time and finished without a penalty! The crown went WILD!

 Get up Jef! Get up!

They were in first going into the 24″ finals and pulled off a spectacular run that ended in deafening screams and cheers as well as tears. Jef said he never felt so good about running a dog in his life! The joy for the Jenks family, Booster and Jef still brings tears to my eyes. It was a magical moment for all and one I will remember for the rest of my life.

Our other friend Ken finished fourth in the 12″ class with his fabulous IG, Al. Ken and Al are the top MACHing IG team of all time and they put on a great show!

Ken & Al were 4th in the 12" class.

Booster’s Finals win!

Another PNW dog and handler, Robin and his BC, Vixen, won the 16″ class with a fabulous run!

We drove back to Temecula in the rain. It was dark and the white lines were fuzzy at times but we made it unscathed. Pizza Fusion beckoned  so we stopped and had a bite before returning home for the night. It was a weekend that will long stay etched in my mind (and that is saying something because I can’t remember shit these days!). I laughed so hard I cried at times. I have some very funny friends! If they aren’t smart or can’t make me laugh, I place them in pet homes. It was pointed out to me several times this weekend that I have no filter. If it pops into my head, it comes out my mouth. Some people appreciate that and some don’t but, to quote Popeye,  “I yam who I yam!”

Parting thoughts:

Californians not only don’t know how to drive on roundabouts (or rotaries as we called them in Gloucester, Mass), they have no idea how to build them! It took me three tries to get the exit correct from the roundabout in Long Beach! I SWEAR it wasn’t my fault! I cut my teeth on driving rotaries!

I HATE getting old! I left my purse in the vegan restaurant where we ate Friday night. I was too tired to drive back to get it so I left it there until the next night. They were very confused and perplexed at my lack of worry. I told them, “If you can’t trust vegans, who can you trust?”

Jef, Steve and I had an amazing vegan dinner at Native Foods in Costa Mesa Saturday night. GOD I LOVE THAT PLACE!

We did have some fun didn’t we 😉


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  3. Great summary Helen but you left Posey and me out 😦 We did much better than two years ago. Posey loved the sod and she was far more collected, less stressed. We did a great job on our last run and it is our last run because at 7 yrs old with a partially collapsed trachea we are going down to preferred now.

    Uncle Jef ran after me to say hello, that was sweet.

    • Sorry Esther :(. I should have mentioned you too!!! I forgot a lot of folks. I didn’t get to speak to you much.

  4. Helen you crack me up! Great blog!!! I have to mark it in my favs for my morning coffee!!!

    Have a great Christmas and hope to see you guys back to Vancouver BC in 2011!

    Kim C in BC
    PS love the snowflakes on the blog, or is that rain???

  5. Great recap…You might have left out a few stinky details! Mel might have had something to add too….Sucker! Thanks for a terrific weekend it was great and you have some great friends in your filterless circle! Cheer from snowy Canada! Lynda (almost a fake meat convert NOT!)

    • Oh Lynda! I had a magical weekend!!! You and Susan were a delight and I LOVE my filterless friends! I love those with filters too ;).

  6. What a great post! You really have a fun writing style.
    And I love the name of your RV!
    Thanks for a very fun read.

    • Thanks! 🙂 Welcome to my blog!

  7. Hey, you cut me out of the video of Jeff’s spectacular nose dive. I was jump setting in the back corner and yelling get up, get up. Would have been an NQ for outside interference but I was inside the ring. : )

    By the way, I grew up (sort of) in Long Beach and the roundabout is a circle in local speak AKA the Long Beach Circle. In the 50s it was the only way to get to the hot, teen, night spot..CC Cinnamon Cinder, at least thats I what hear from my much older friend.

    No mention of the miracle in the 20″ class?

    This year was so exciting…I remember the first one, the quality of agility seemed so poor, I thought the Invitational idea wasn’t going to work.

    Be glad AP didnt film the Finals they held up the event for hours the year they did.

  8. Helen, Helen, Helen…you just so crack me up! I LOVE your sense of humor to the point I can easily pee my pants:>) I hope you never develop a filter! J

    • I wish Steve Moon was on FB! We had a ton of fun!

      • Steve IS most definitely a crack up! But FB he vows never to be a part of. Too bad there wasn’t a flag war for Steve to start up:>)

  9. And i notice that when jeff falls the crowd immediately yells “get up, get up!” – man could have a broken leg, but the agility crowd just want him to take care of the dog’s run!! Love it.

    • Its all about the dog Kim!!!

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