Posted by: jility | December 17, 2010

Too much Education for Their Intelligence

Years ago we had an older and very wise veterinarian who had a saying that really tickled me. He used to describe some people as having “too much education for their intelligence.” Over the years, I have found that to be true and in some cases, just learning to read and write was too much education for certain people. Never has this been more true than with some of the people who have left comments on our agility spoof You Tube videos. In some cases, the comments are funnier than the videos.

The first video we shot was with my friend Jef Blake (aka Uncle Jef). We were talking about how some agility people just rip off other instructors’ material and claim it as their own. That gave us the idea for the video. Why not just be upfront about stealing other people’s stuff? Rather than steal the stuff, reword it and then publish it as our own, we thought it would be easier and faster to just point everyone to the original video author. We thought it was pretty funny and so did most others who watched the video. However, there were people who just didn’t get it or think it was one bit funny. I can just see them scouring the internet for the secret to fast and focused agility dogs, stumbling on “Jef Blake’s Complete Guide to Agility” and, from the catchy title, thought they were going to finally get all the answers they ever needed to create the greatest agility dog that ever lived. So, they sat down at the computer, pen in hand, ready for Uncle Jef to change their agility lives in 4 minutes and 59 seconds! Really? All the agility answers you ever needed in 4 minutes and 59 seconds? COME ON! Did they really expect the Holy Grail of agility in less than 5 minutes? Evidently they did! Just in case you haven’t seen the video (or want to refresh your memory), here is the video.

Now that you have everything you need to know about how to create the best agility dog in the UNIVERSE, I am sure you are eternally grateful to Uncle Jef for sharing his incredible knowledge of agility training! Well, imagine my surprise when poor reviews showed up in the comment boxes! Was it really possible that there are people on the planet who would actually not get that this was a joke? How is that possible? Have I ever met anyone like that? Where do they hide? Do they only come out at night? Now that would make sense because I am old and go to bed at dusk so perhaps I just never ran into such people. Is there an underground cult of people with no sense of humor? Do they ever smile? If so, what makes their lips turn up? I find these people to be incredibly fascinating but I don’t understand them at all.

Here is a sampling of some of the comments from the Laughless Cult members:

this dose not teach any thing”

” Very funny – but doesn’t really tell you how to train a dog or anything about dog agility – just sales for a video. We wanted something to just get an idea about agility for my Mom’s dog! :-(” (OK, at least that person got that it was supposed to be funny but they are STILL disappointed that the video didn’t teach them how to train!)

this video did not help one single bit! :S”

You are promoting the DVD’s not teaching us”

“It looks like you don’t know what you are doing! You could have at least gave an example, but I guess your dogs won’t listen to you anyways… Your dogs deserve a better owner.”

Jef’s hysterical response to the above comment:

“I’m sure everyone feels sorry for my dogs. If only they had someone who cared about them and spent a little time with them, but what can you do?”

The moron’s response to Jef (which is even funnier than their first comment):

“What? Nobody takes care of your dogs? How sad. What do you mean:”but what can you do?” you don’t sound very mature like your supposed to be. And let me ask you, what can you do? I’m just wondering!”

Jef’s brilliant response:

“Have you ever just felt like you were out of loop? Like everyone was in on the joke except you? I bet you have.”

The Moron’s comeback:

“nope! Can’t say that I have… Wow, you are more childish than I thought. Impressive!

OK, enough fun with that one. Moving on…

“duh!!!!..u waisted my time!”

“well very ummm a waste of time”

“You’re a freakin idiot. That was five minutes of my life that I’ll never get back!!! (yet, you watched the entire thing!!!)

“um…….wheres the acual training…!”


“thats gay!”

こりゃ糞だ。見る価値無し(OK, you MUST put this one in a translator. It is way worth it! I guess these Laughless Cult extend to Asian as well.)

“OMG buy buy buy buy wow he says I could show you but I dont have the time” (Yes my little unhappy nincompoop, this was nothing more than an infomercial).

There were also some great comments from people who actually “got” the video but they aren’t as funny as these.

So recently we made a video of me interviewing Susan Garrett. That all started because Susan and I were talking about some of the things people want to know (like what she eats for breakfast). Then I got this idea that it would be funny to ask her some questions and then interrupt before she could answer. Most people “got” it but, sadly, there were again those who just didn’t think it was funny because they wanted the ANSWERS! They were looking for the magic dust or the pill or whatever it takes to turn a slow moving slug of a dog into a World Class Super Star!

 Here is that interview:

And here is a comment from the Supreme High Leader of the Laughless Cult herself!

“Don’t know if this is supposed to be a joke, but if it is, it’s not funny. If it’s serious, I would have slapped the interviewer first and then punched the daylights out of her for interrupting every sentence.”

So not only does the LC goddess have zero sense of humor, she is going to beat me within an inch of my life! That is some scary shit right there! Instead of road rage, we have agility rage! Do I need a bodyguard for making a funny (or nonfunny depending on your cult membership) agility video?

So, I was talking with a close friend on the phone recently and we decided that there are four kinds of people in the world:

  1. Those with a sense of humor who are nice (my favorite kind)
  2. Those with a sense of humor who are NOT nice (at least they make me laugh)
  3. Those with no sense of humor who are nice (tolerable but not somebody I want in my life)
  4. Those with no sense of humor who are NOT nice (the elusive members of the Laughless Cult)

People who fall into the fourth category are hard to find but they do exist. You can spot them at obedience shows and agility trials, blaming their dogs or something or somebody else for everything that goes wrong, complaining about everything and everyone and always looking for that magic pill to fix their poor miserable dog that crawls around the ring looking for a sword on which to throw its miserable body and end its miserable existence.

They are the people who are convinced that great agility dogs are born not made and there must be a secret weapon that successful people have that they don’t. They are always waiting for that special dog that will finally get them a Championship because clearly, hard work and good training would have NOTHING to do with it!


  1. I want to know how you get 360p setting on your videos. Mine are 240p. If my videos were sharper our runs would look better.

    By the way, Two months ago I spend big bucks on “2o2o Contact Training in only 6 minutes a day ” Do you need to know how well thats going?

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