Posted by: jility | December 21, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away…

RAIN RAIN go away!

Our doggies need dry time to play!

They’re driving us mad stuck inside

And there is no place for me to hide

The rain it started five days ago

Continuing constantly bringing us woe

The driveway’s gone, washed down the road

City men came with sand in a load

Don’t dump that here, Mel did say

But they had orders and dumped anyway

Mel said the sand would wash down the street

And they’d be back for a dump repeat

It needs a culvert for the water to pass

Can’t you see that you big dumb ass?

But they replied that nobody knew

Who was responsible? Not THAT crew!

Some said homeowner and some said city

Meanwhile we’re help captive – such a pity

The city wants to pave the dirt

And charge so much we’ll lose out shirt

500 a month for 30 years!

It’s enough to bring us all to tears

The bumps and holes will jar your guts

Never have I seen so many huge ruts!

I can’t stay one more day in here

Or very soon I’ll go mad I fear

I’m sick and cold and choking to death

And my throat burns hot with every breath

Reduced to movies on TV

A great selection and all are free!

I long so much for a sunny day

So the dogs and I can go out to play

Nuthin to do but eat I reckon

I’m getting fatter by the second

In several days we’ll be on the mend

But boredom now brings this to an end.


  1. oh you poor pups stuck in the rig
    wishing for sunshine so you can bounce like tig

    for now rugs will fill up with mud
    waiting for sunshine so you avoid the suds


  2. THe puppies HATE the rain! I hate the mud!

  3. Let them go outside in the rain! They are water dogs; they will love it!!!!!! 🙂 Of course the GW will be nothing but mud after that …

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