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EWWWWWWWW GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Sir Cussalot and I decided to become vegan, it was a slow process. We started in 1987 after reading a book given to me by a friend. My friend Sue told me she read this amazing book on eating and thought I would like it. Trying to be nice, I took the book and begrudgingly began reading it. I knew she would ask me questions about it so I had better actually get through the whole thing! Sue had lost a ton of weight after putting the principles in action and I needed to lose about 80 pounds so I thought it might be worth a try.

At that time, nobody in my family had lived to be older than 61. They had died mostly of cancer, strokes, heart attacks and aneurisms. Scary stuff! I wanted to lose weight and be healthy and was willing to try something new. The name of the book was “Fit for Life” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. The Diamonds eventually split up but the book they coauthored changed my life forever. My cholesterol was sky high and so was my blood pressure. I had nothing to lose.

The gist of the book was food combining but they also talked about how bad animal protein was for us as humans and how we were designed to be vegans. It made sense to me and I really never liked red meat anyway. I loved pork, chicken and shellfish but the rest I didn’t care about much. After I read the book, I handed it to Mel and he read it. Mel being a confirmed carnivore, I was shocked when he really got into it! I was in my mid-thirties and he was in his late-forties.

We started our journey by giving up red meat. That was easy for me but hard for Mel. He loved nothing more than a nearly raw thick hamburger that dripped blood down his arm (YUMMY EH? YUK!!!!). I never liked burgers at all so I had no problem with stage one of our transformation to veganism. We knew that was where we would eventually go but going cold turkey (so to speakJ) was more than we could handle at the time. We had already given up alcohol 7 years earlier and I had quit smoking three years earlier so we were on a roll to healthy living.

Our kids were mostly grown and on their own at the time but my son was still at home in his senior year of high school. He was really shaken by our choice to go vegan. He told us it was “Un-American!” Much to his chagrin, we continued on our path to veganism, slowly giving up one meat at a time. Fish was the last creature to go and that was in 1990. We also decided that all dairy and eggs had to be cut from our diet as well. Having read the NOT MILK  website “cover to cover” we were convinced that dairy was the worst thing we could put into our bodies. Coffee soon followed and I went from a pot a day to zip. Headaches lasted a week!

Mel never looked back but I was weak. I never ate meat again after 1990 but I continued to eat a little bit of fish and dairy (about once or twice a month) until 1997. That was when I saw the light and quit all animal products. Now, I have to admit to a lobster about every five years when I go to New England but Sir Cussalot stays true to the vegan thing and never strays, except for Donna Morgan’s Christmas cookies once a year (we all have our price!).

Mel went from 250 pounds down to 165 (he eventually settled in at his current weight of 180). We were running a lot then, Mel about 50 miles a week and I about 30. I lost 100 pounds and it was fairly easy! Eventually, I gained it all back and still struggle with weight issues but I have decided that is my lesson in life. Someday I will figure it out but, in the meantime, I will continue to enjoy too much of a good thing. However, my blood pressure went from 170/95 to 96/65 and my cholesterol went from over 400 down to about 150 once I decided to go ALL vegan.

Anyway, last year I discovered a wonderful vegan restaurant in West Covina, California called One World Vegetarian Cuisine. They make the cutest vegan turkey for holidays! We used to eat Tofurkey but it was bought out by a big company and they ruined it. My favorite was the Unturkey but they went under ;(.  So I bought these cute little stuffed fake birds for our dinner last year. It was by far THE BEST vegan turkey I have ever eaten! The “meat” is made from okara and seitan with special secret spices and formed in a mold. Then they fill it with amazingly good stuffing and make little drumsticks filled with stuffing. The entire thing is then covered with bean curd or tofu skin (my favorite food on the planet!). They also make a MEAN gravy!

So, when I posted on Facebook that we were making this incredible vegan turkey, everyone wanted to see photos. I should have known better than to post them because I knew I would get the typical “EW THAT IS GROSS” remarks or, my personal favorite, “WHY DO YOU EAT THINGS THAT LOOK LIKE MEAT IF YOU HATE MEAT NOW?” Give me a freaking break! Over the years I have learned to hate the thought of eating animals. I didn’t feel that way when I started this journey. It all began for health and the distaste for eating slaughtered bloody flesh was a pleasant side effect.

So here is a pictorial blog showing how the “real thing” goes from hatchling to table and our vegan turkey form start to finish. The photos speak for themselves.

The Making of a “REAL” Turkey dinner


From Baby Turkey to DinnerAren't they lovely before being slaughtered?


How to Murder a Turkey

This Turkey Killer Really Seems to be Enjoying Herself

Some People Find too Much Sport in Killing

After Murdering Bird Remove Feathers

There's More Than One Way to Scalp a Bird

Cram Stuffing up its Ass and Down its Throat

Much Less "Freaky" and "Gross" Than Our Little Vegan Turkey?

Now! The making of our “gross” vegan turkey.


It All Starts With Tofu!



And Seitan Made From Wheat Gluten



MIx in Some Okara Made From Soy



Add to That Some Delicious Stuffing!




Wrap in Bean Curd Skin



Bake and VOILA! Vegan Delight With NO BLOOD Spilled 🙂 MMMMMMMMMMM


A third kind of turkey. A little tough but nice on the inside


Another Kind of Turkey


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