Posted by: jility | January 11, 2011

Calories Aren’t the ONLY Thing That Can be DENSE!

It is not enough to know the information taught here. You actually have to put it into practice. Sometimes, we think that, because we have read the book or listened to the tapes or attended the lectures and seminars, WE GOT IT DOWN!!! Sadly, that is most often not the case with me. Sometimes I am VERY DENSE! I can be told the same thing by my agility instructor fifty times, then, somebody else mentions it in passing and BINGO, I GET IT!!! The poor instructor is left shaking her head and telling me she has been trying to get me to listen to the same exact thing for a billion years.

This also holds true for my diet. I have heard the same lectures and read the same books and watched the same videos over and over and over, YET, I am still fat and not getting it. How could that be? Am I dense? Perhaps I AM the moron I keep saying I am. It is a good thing I know what my IQ is or I would begin to wonder. Maybe the IQ falls with age or, the fatter I get, the lower my IQ goes. The fat is clogging up my brain cells so they don’t work right anymore. YEAH! THAT’S MY STORY AND I’M STICKING TO IT!

This program is built around a starch based diet with NO added oils, meat, fish, dairy or eggs. Dr. McDougall has been telling me to EAT MORE and MORE OFTEN for nearly 20 years but I never listened. I was convinced if I ate more, I would gain weight. Of course I would the way I eat! I cheat! I don’t cheat with animal protein (although there was that lobster in Maine last fall :)), I cheat with things like fake meats and fake cheese and oily restaurant food. The lecture we had yesterday about the “Pleasure Trap” was very powerful. As a former addict of other things, I recognized what Dr. Doug Lisle was saying. I have given up drinking (1981), smoking (1984), pot (1975!) coffee (1988), animal protein (1990) and know what it is like to quit an addiction. If you have not read the Pleasure Trap I recommend you do so or watch the video, that might be even better! Dr. Lisle shows what happens when we eat the wrong things and why it is hard to come back to what humans were meant to eat, at starch based diet. I am not trying to get preachy. everyone needs to make the choice for themselves about what they want to put into their bodies but for me, it is a plant based diet.

My current addiction is with fake meats. I guess that needs to be broken down even more by saying it is really with added fat, salt and sugar. Yesterday I learned why. Now that I recognize my addiction to these things, I can deal with it. Just like all the other things I have quit in my life, these cravings too shall pass. It may take a while but, eventually, I will get over jonesin for Tofurkey with gravy.

So, every morning I get up at FIVE A-FREAKING-M!!! ME!!! I like to stay in bed until 7:30 or 8 every morning! They get you up here at the butt crack of dawn! The reason is that the less time you sleep, the better your mood and health. Sleeping more than 6 or 7 hours can cause depression and other things. I still love to stay in bed and cuddle with the dogs in the morning. I sure get more done though, getting my lazy ass out of bed earlier!

I get up at 5, shower, dress and then off to have my blood pressure taken. It is the same every day. Blood pressure is done from 6 AM until 7:30 AM, then you have breakfast. Today we also got weighed. With all the food I have been stuffing down my gullet since Friday night, I expected to have gained weight. Normally, I eat fruit for breakfast, soup for lunch and then a big dinner. We are old so we eat dinner around 4 in the afternoon.

So I get to the blood pressure room about 5:45 and wait for fifteen minutes so I can be first and not have to wait for two minutes. Somehow that logic is flawed. My blood pressure has been high while here. It is normally about 96/65 but here it floats from 114/81 – 131/85! The first day it was 129/95!!! It doesn’t take much for it to rise. I guess I am still within safe limits.

Today was also the first weigh in day since Friday. I was sure that eating three HUGE meals a day (and I mean HUGE!) that I would have gained weight. NOT SO! I was shocked when I stepped onto the scale and I have lost 1/2 pound!!! That might not seem like much but if you saw the amount of food I have been eating, you would be shocked. So maybe, this Dr. Mcdougall guy might know what he is talking about after all? When I told Uncle Jef I lost half a pound he said, “AWESOME! Now you can go get a thong bikini!”

In my last blog I said that all the information he is giving us here is available on his website for free. Here is a link.

Today we have an assignment. We have to walk over to the Safeway across the street and down a block and find healthy foods. The way he taught us to read labels is awesome. I know I want vegan, organic, LOW or no fat but he said NEVER EVER trust what we see on the front of the package (and not always what is on the BACK or SIDE either)! The salt content per serving should be same or less than the calories per serving and the calories FROM fat should be NO MORE than 20% of the total calories per serving. So the easiest way is to move the decimal on the calorie number to the left one place and double that number to the left of the decimal to find out what the calories FROM fat should be and there should be NO sugar OF ANY KIND in the first three ingredients. Pretty simple!

We are supposed to stick with LOW calorie dense foods like FRESH vegetables, fruits, starches (potatoes, rice, sweet potatoes, etc.) and legumes (but no more than a cup of legumes a day for good health). Here is an explanation of the caloric density in foods.

Every day I learn something new or FINALLY hear what I have been told by Dr. McDougall for YEARS! I am so excited to get home and eat the way I know I should. Sir Cussalot will just have to hide all his high fat CRAP out in the trailer! He could stand to lose that paunch he carries around under his shirt too!

Dr. McDougall is coming out with a new book called “The Starch Solution.” I can’t wait to read it!

We just finished up a fantastic morning of lectures by Dr. and Mrs. McDougall and cooking demos by Miyoko Schinner. She said next week there will be cooking demo videos on this site. If you are interested, search her name on YouTube. She has a ton of demos on there. I just have to remove the fat from her cooking. She cooked oil free here. It was AMAZING!!!!

This is the lecture we had on dairy today. It was very powerful! To me dairy is more destructive than tobacco. If you want to know why I feel that way (and have for years) here is a link to some information. If you think you will get righteously indignant and pissed, DON’T READ IT!

Here is another:

OK, enough of the preaching crap. Time to go EAT AGAIN!!!! AMAZING how much food I am scarfing down here!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this info Helen. Good timing for me 🙂

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