Posted by: jility | January 14, 2011

Day EIGHT of Starch Based Diet Boot Camp

So here we are, well into DAY 8 of the 10 Day McDougall Program. I feel better than I have in years! I am sleeping better (and less) and NEVER EVER hungry! Well, maybe a little famished in the morning before breakfast and a little right before lunch and a little right before dinner ;)). They tell me that is how “normal” people feel. WHO KNEW? I am eating more than I ever have in my entire life and I am losing weight.

Yesterday, they took us to a Thai place where they serve some “McDougall style” food. It was excellent! There was a lot of sugar in the food though and I am trying to stay away from sugar because I always thought it increased my appetite. Now I realize SO FREAKING WHAT if it increases my appetite! I can eat all I FREAKING WANT (assuming I am eating correctly). Sugar is not healthy so I will try to keep my intake to as little as possible.

After the lunch we went to the Luther Burbank Gardens. It was very nice to see and the history was fascinating. Without going into great detail, I will tell you he was the inventor of the original russet potato. His development of this incredible potato changed the world. He was born in Massachusetts but lived most of his life in Santa Rosa, California.  He returned to Massachusetts in his later years to visit and, when asked what he would raise if he lived in Massachusetts, he responded, “Enough money to go back to California.” A man after me own heart!

Here is a link if you are interested in reading about Mr. Burbank and his home I thought he looked a little like Penn and Teller (I never remember which is which but he is the skinny little one who doesn’t speak) and then I thought he had a Lyle Lovett thing goin’ on too.

My very special friends, Ann and Larry Wheat drove up from San Francisco to visit me for  a couple of days. Ann and Larry are also vegans and have been for many years. Mel and I met them on the McDougall trips we used to take 15 or so years ago. They also own the greatest vegetarian restaurant on the planet called Millennium Mel and I ate there LONG before we knew Ann and Larry! What a small world. Here is a photo I took of them in front of the fountain at the Burbank Gardens.

Ann and Larry Wheat At Burbank Gardens

We all piled back in the bus after our garden tour and off we went to Whole Foods Market. The founder of Whole Foods, John Mackey, is also a McDougall vegan. The company sends their employees from all over through the 10 Day Program here in Santa Rosa.

While in Whole Foods, somebody spotted this sign so Ann Wheat took my photo in front of it. It seemed like a funny oxymoron to me. Wouldn’t the compassionate thing to do is NOT eat animals at all? Dead’s dead.

Compassionate my ASS (and that is a LOT OF ASS!)

The best part of the Whole Foods trip was when I walked by all the amazing vegan bakery items and had no desire for any of them!!! It is incredible what happens when you fuel the body correctly! It was a super freeing experience for me.

I bought a small container of pomegranate seeds (LOVE THEM!!!) and that was it.

All my life I have dieted. All my life I have believed I had to starve to get thin. I have read all the books, gone to many lectures with the McDougalls and others on why a starch based diet is important but I have never been immersed in it. This is the first time since I was 13 years old that I have eaten breakfast! I have done so occasionally (once every five to ten years) but normally it is just fruit. Mel is the same way. After we read the Diamonds “Fit for Life” book we were convinced that was how to do it. I also resisted breakfast because it made me MORE hungry for the rest of the day and I ate more. SO WHAT! Now that I know what to eat (really know it), that is not an issue! I feel free!!! Except that now I have a lot more cooking to do 😦 which leads to more cleaning. I need to make more and freeze it or refrigerate it for later meals. I want the buffet they have here every day!

Well, it is almost time for lunch!!!



  1. Awesome.
    You are lookin’ great !

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