Posted by: jility | January 20, 2011

Origin of Dog – THE REAL TRUTH!

It is pretty much accepted that our present day dogs are descended from the wolf. I, however, have a DIFFERENT explanation and am about to share this revolutionary new theory with you. Please remember where you read it first.

Recently, somebody posted this link on one of the lists I frequent. It is an interesting read about how hybridization will become more common in wild animals as global warming takes over.  Take a look at this before going on

MY theory comes from 60 years of living with dogs of various breeds. Currently, we live with six standard Poodles (standard and a part miniature), a Border Collie and a feral dog. Over the years I have had the pleasure to live with Great Danes, Afghan Hounds, Whippets, Greyhounds, Labs, Dobermans, Boxers, German Shepherds, Bassett Hounds, Foxhounds and others. Having been around all these breeds, I feel I have the background to speak with authority. That said, here goes:

It is my belief that the standard Poodle is descended from the wolf, the wild boar and the spider monkey. Anyone who has lived with the standard Poodle knows how intelligent they are, how high and long they can jump and how good their noses are. Where do you think the intelligence comes from? THE SPIDER MONKEY of course! The Poodle also has a prehensile tail. Our Josephine can wrap her stump of a tail around your finger. In my opinion, that is the reason they began docking tails in the first place. Just think how annoying it must have been for early hunters when their Poodle wrapped its tail around a tree and refused to budge! They HAD to take the hatchet to that tail to get their prized dog home. Eventually, they figured that it would be easier to just chop off the tail before they learned how to use it against their owners to get their own way. Oh, and have you ever seen a spider monkey jump? Their ability to fly through the trees is second to none! I always say, “Dogs Jump! – Poodles Fly!” So add to that the Poodle ability to sniff out truffles and you know there is wild boar in those genes as well! That is also where that LONG Poodle nose comes from!  Now there may have been a little Cousin It in there as well to get the coat but so far I have no proof of that.

Can't you just SEE the spider monkey in there?

At some point, Poodle owners decided they would like a smaller version of the standard Poodle. Just how would they go about that? If you have ever been around the mini Poodle, it would be as clear to you as it is to me. I have watched mini after mini stand on their hind legs and walk around comfortably. Minis can stand on their hind legs effortlessly to get a better view or more attention. One day while watching a mini dance around effortlessly on its hind legs, the light bulb went on in my head! MEERKAT!

Once they had the mini, somebody got the bright idea to make the mini even smaller and create the toy Poodle. Just how do you think they did that? They added a gerbil!

OK, let’s move on to the sighthounds, particularly the Greyhound.  Think about those long legs and that big body. Think about how fast the Ostrich can run. Just how do you think they managed to breed a dog that fast? They bred an African Wild Dog to an ostrich of course! To get the whippet, they bred down the size using an egret. Why do you think they call them sight hounds? We all know that birds have the best eye sight of all!

To get the Saluki and some of the other African sighthounds, they added Gazelle to the mix. This also gave these hunting dogs an advantage in that they could blend in with the herd yet understood how their prey thought and moved making it easier for them to be successful hunters. Here is a perfect example of that.

OK so here is a partial list of breeds and their TRUE origin according to Helen:

Wolf + Spider Monkey + Wild Boar = Standard Poodle

Spider Monkey+Wild Boar+Wolf=Standard Poodle!

Standard Poodle + Merkat = Miniature Poodle

Add the Meerkat to the standard Poodle and you get the Mini!!!

Mini Poodle + Gerbil = Toy Poodle

The Gerbal further reduced the size of the Poodle to a toy.

African Wild Dog + Ostrich = Greyhound

Prey drive of the African wild dog and the speed of the ostrich

Greyhound + Egret = Whippet

Note the combination of the greyhound and egret coloration

Greyhound + Gazelle = Saluki

OBVIOUS!!! ANYONE could see this one!

African Wild Dog + Hippopotamus + Walrus = Mastiffs (all kinds) Think about their little ears on some of them just like the Hippo!

This one speaks for itself!

African Wild Dog + Wild Boar = Pitbull

Fierceness of the African Wild Dog and the bulk of the boar = PIT!

African Wild Dog + Pony = Great Dane

The brindle coloration on this pony is eerily like the brindle harlequin Dane

Collie + Fox = Shetland Sheepdog

The fox is also behind the Spitz type dogs

Wild African  Dog  + Walrus + Truffle Hunting Pig  = Bloodhound

Those wrinkles had to come from the walrus and the nose from the truffle hunting pig!

Bloodhound + Pot Bellied Pig = Bassett Hound

Add the pot belly pig and you get Bassett!

Wolf + Parrot = Border Collie (not only do BCs have an amazing ability to learn words, many BCs pop their heads up and down just like a parrot!)

HOw do you think the BC remembers all those words? PARROT!

Watch this little video of our Border Collie showing her parrot roots:

Wolf + Harpy Eagle = Mudi

This Mudi exhibits the throw back molting of the Harpy Eagle.

Wolf + Frog = Present Day German Shepherd

The original GSDs were fast and agile until they added the frog!

Cousin It+ Cat = Pekinese (one of my FAVORITES!)

Cousin It all the way baby!


The list goes on and on and on. Use your imagination. What’s behind YOUR favorite breed?



  1. I swear my hairless Cresteds are part meercat. I’ve got one little girl that does the pose just perfectly. And she much prefers to walk on her back legs than on all four.

  2. fantastic now where does a Rottweiler fit into this mess

  3. if you read this, post your location! Massachusetts, USA

  4. LoL, too funny…I love how you used a hybrid pony (Pony x Zebra) for the Great Dane

  5. Very good post I loved the thought you put into these deductions. I totally agree withyou.

  6. My dog is part Goat and part ottoman!

  7. Hilarious! I really enjoy your blog!

    • Thanks Terri 🙂

  8. So Helen, I guess it is a slow night wherever you are? LOL Good stuff.

    • It took me days to do that blog and YEARS to figure it out! 😉

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