Posted by: jility | January 25, 2011

Dunlop Disease

For years and years I have lamented about Sir Cussalot’s ability to eat huge amounts of food and not gain weight. On the flip side, I put on pounds just watching him eat it! He loves to buy bags and bags of Uncle Eddie’s vegan cookies (HEY! They are vegan so they MUST be healthy right?).

An extreme case of Dunlop Disease

 He also used to eat tons of “health” bars that are loaded with fat from nuts and seeds. In the last few years he has actually put on about 20 pounds. He will tell you otherwise but he is beginning to show signs of Dunlop Disease (that’s when your belly Dunlop over your belt). Now I have mentioned this to him on several occasions but each time he protests in Cussalot. I should talk I guess (he would never ever say anything about MY fat however! He is MUCH too wise to do that!). I look like a Weeble (and unlike me – they wobble but don’t fall down)!

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down...

When I got home from the McDougall 10 Day Program in Santa Rosa, we were both inspired to eat better. We eliminated gluten and sugar and the imitation meats. I LOVED those fake meats and cheeses but they are LOADED with fat and sugar so they had to go. We are eating whole foods. If they are recognizable as how they would look growing (AND THEY ARE VEGAN) we eat them. The only exception might be mashed potatoes, hummus and fat free vegan gravy or some tofu. Yes, you can recognize a cow but that would mean you would have to eat it on the hoof.

I am eating a lot more than I used to and I am losing weight. Sir C has actually GAINED a half pound! WTF??? How is that possible? He gets more exercise than I do; he eats about the same as I do, yet he is gaining weight? So here is what I think. I have not looked inside his little utility trailer lately but if I did, I might find the following:

Junk Food Junky (these better be vegan!)

Somebody recently told me they were tired of my serious blogs and it was time for me to get back to the funny ones. I am not a funny faucet you can just turn on when you want funny. My funny has to be inspired and nurtured. I am waiting to be inspired.


  1. I still have my Weebles tucked away downstairs! I even have their little Weeble schoolbus!

  2. I WANT!

    • Want what? THe Dunlop Disease, the cow on the hoof or the junk food ;)?

  3. Well you certainly cracked me up !
    perfect illustrations.

  4. Welcome Back !!!

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