Posted by: jility | April 5, 2011

The BEST Birthday EVER!

 My 61st birthday started with a bang, then I read my gazillion Facebook messages wishing me happy birthday! They all made me feel so very special. Isn’t this age of electronic communication amazing? No more driving to the store looking for the perfect card, thinking of something clever to write, finding the freaking address and then searching for a stamp. Now all you have to do is type a few words and click enter! How awesome is that? People from all over the world are your friend! Truly remarkable!

Sir Cussalot spent the day trying very hard to make me feel special. He made breakfast, said, “Oh, don’t worry about the dishes today.” Yes, dear, I thought, I know how this works. I don’t do them because it is my birthday and they will be waiting for me in the morning. Sir C made our hot breakfast cereal in the rice cooker (GOD how I love that cereal!), fed the dogs for me and turned the pool heater to 90 degrees, just the way I LIKE it!

Normally, only the dogs swim because it is too damn cold for humans and too costly to heat but, because I love swimming more than anything else in the world, I got the royal treatment to a day in 90 degree water! Greenpeace was on hand because they heard tales of a beached whale in Temecula but actually it was a land shark. Land Shark!

There was a beautiful birthday card sitting in front of my computer when I got up. As nonmushy as he is normally, Sir C makes up for it in the incredible cards he buys me for Christmas, birthdays and Valentines Day. The rest of the day fell into place like the inside of a fine clock!

After reading emails, I went out to train Uppity. We worked on the baby A-frame. We just moved from the stairs to this to get more drive to the position. I think she is coming along nicely! Some of my rewards are a bit mistimed but she is doing pretty well. I would like more drive through the jumps but more rewarding should take care of that. Pankins is getting bold across the plank and it is getting to be time to go to the real thing! It is all very exciting!

After cereal, I jumped in the shower. My friend Stacy was headed over with her dogs to swim, play and eat Pizza Fusion! Stacy brought me a beautiful necklace she made herself! I love that! It is so thoughtful and she does a wonderful job! The dogs had a blast swimming and playing.

After Stacy left, I found my swimsuit (the one I blogged about back in the beginning of January), put it on and went for a swim. The water temperature was up to 90! It was pure heaven! I took Pankins and MeMe with me and we had a blast! We found a heavy white ball that sinks like a stone. The girls had a blast dropping into the pool and watching me swim to the bottom to retrieve it for them! They have trained me well! I swear to you they did it on purpose OVER and OVER and OVER! I love swimming underwater and, evidently, they love watching me swim underwater so it was a win win situation.

We stayed in the pool for about 2 hours! Sir C came up for a few minutes and brought Barque. He stayed in the pool for about 5 minutes and left. He doesn’t float well and his knee is too sore to swim. He says if we ever go overboard, he is going to grab hold of my ass because I float better than any flotation device made!

The weather had cooled off by the time we got out of the pool. The wind had come up and the clouds had drifted in but, floating around in 90 degree water, I hadn’t noticed. I about froze off my fat ass (I WISH!) as I walked back to the GW.

The plan (well MY plan) was to make Sic C take me to Home Depot, Costco and few other places but we ran out of time. I told him I need a birthday WEEK not just a day! I do fear that after a few days of pretending to enjoy my company, he might just explode and fly around the Global Warmer like an unsecured inflated balloon. I did tell him that it was my birthday and he had to do everything I said. His response was, “And that would be different than any other day how?” Touché.

The Pizza Fusion place gave me free vegan brownies to go with my pizza (I am shameful and told them it was my birthday) and Sir C gave me two carob cookies. No weight loss this week! I ate like a pig at the trial last weekend too. Stacy’s students, lovingly referred to as “The Clone Zone” threw a fabulous birthday party for several of us born in April. We had a feast! They are the greatest group of agility folks you would ever want to meet. I am honored to call them friends.

The day is about in the books now. The sun has gone down and NCIS is playing on the tube. Tomorrow we are driving out to Palm Desert. The girls are going to San Marcos to be groomed and I am getting my hair cut in the desert. Afterwards, we will go to Native Foods and eat more. Then, I need to get back on track and eat right again!

All in all, I have to say, this day will go down as one of the best birthdays EVER!


  1. Happy belated Birthday Helen! I only just read this blog post and I’m left wondering what kind of haircut you get in the desert? A razor cut on the edge of a cactus perhaps?
    – Puzzled in Seattle.

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