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THey wanted 16 bucks for this picture!!! So, we jut took our own.

The ship on which we are cruising is aptly named the Epic. Weighing in at a whopping 156,000 tons (312,000,000 pounds! That is 312 MILLION pounds!!!), she is an impressive 1080 feet long, 133 feet wide, is made up of 19 decks and can carry 4,2000 passengers and 1,690 crew members!

Fun in the sun! Note the amazing water slide!

More from the deck.

The Epic Slide

Climbing the walls!

We prefer the smaller ships but the dates, length of cruise and the cruising area left us with only one choice – THE EPIC. You would think with all these people aboard, the crowds would be overwhelming. So far, they are not. There are so many things to do and so many restaurants to try, the crowds are minimal. The shows fill fast, however, especially the Blue Man Group and Cirque Dreams Dinner Theater (both of which we are seeing).

You can make all your reservations for the shows (most of which are free) right in your room on the big screen TV. They have movies for rent but, at ten bucks a piece, they are a total rip off.

Watching the view from the deck on the big screen TV in our room.

They have over 20 restaurants on the ship plus two more that are private (for the high end passengers only). We mostly eat in the Garden Cafe where they have a huge buffet for every meal. The pickins are slim for vegan eats but we are doing ok and FAR from going hungry. I am sure I will gain the typical 10 pounds that I always gain on a cruise. The problem is, each time my starting weight before the cruise is the finished weight after the last cruise. At this rate, I will weigh 400 pounds by the time we are too old to cruise.

Last night the sea got incredibly rough. I had no idea that it could get that rough here. It felt more like we were in the North Atlantic than in a protected sea. Well, I guess it is a pretty big sea DUH. For a big ass boat, this thing really got tossed around. I got up about 4 this morning and looked out the balcony door. Even though it was dark, the huge swells were visible and the white caps enormous. Even with all that bouncing around, however, I didn’t have to take a seasick pill. There’s a first!

Today is a travel day at sea. We left Barcelona at 6 PM last evening and will arrive in Livorno, Italy at 7 AM tomorrow morning. It is a gorgeous day again and the weather reminds me of Southern California. The sun is very warm and very bright.

The Epic is capable of going 22 knots but the captain has her reigned in at 11 knots. It is our guess they do this so our time at sea is longer. That way, people gamble more, buy more and eat more. They would rather we spend our Euros here instead of on the shore excursions. Only a couple of the restaurants are free. The specialty places have a cover charge so we avoid them. I even had to pay and extra $3.50 for a glass of fresh squeezed OJ this morning. It was worth it though.

All we will do today is eat and read. We aren’t into gambling and those areas are full of smoke (CHOKE – COUGH – GROSS!) It is amazing how much the people over here smoke. The people in Barcelona are a lot leaner than most Americans and they look very fit. However, all the smoking is disgusting. And, as is the case with many smokers, they have no clue just how offensive the smoke from their bad habit is to those of us who choose not to smoke. I remember when I smoked two packs a day and felt the same way they do. How things have changed for me since I quit in 1984!

We look forward to seeing some interesting old crap tomorrow in Florence and Pisa. I have my eye on a Nikon 16 megapixel camera in the gift shop. It is only a point and shoot so not expensive but Sir Cussalot doth protest too much, so I will just have to use my camera phone and hope for the best.

Our Epic itinerary on our TV.


  1. In 1492, COlumbus sailed the ocean blue…in 2011, you’re cruising the Med! We’ve come a long way, Baby! Enjoy Signor Chris’ homeland!!! Mangi una certa pizza a Pisa per me!

  2. There is an amazing vegetarian cafe in Florence. Tons of vegan selections if you can get there!

  3. Maybe Amazon can deliver your camera while you are in port??? Have a great trip Helen!!!

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