Posted by: jility | November 5, 2011

USDAA National Champioships


You are taking a real beating on your Sounding Board about the time and location of the 2012 Nationals. First there was the uproar about the breed ban in your city of choice. Then the time of year was questioned due to possible weather conditions, so you changed the date. Then it was pointed out that a certain religious holiday was scheduled during that time. Didn’t they know that USDAA National was on that date??? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Then we had another large agility event close to that time in Europe so that would be inconvenient for a few people as well!

So the debate went on and on and on until your moderator put an end to it.

I was going to post this to your Sounding Board but, because of the fact that we were told to stop all debates on the subject until USDAA had time to make a formal statement, I decided to post my request here on my blog instead.
It is my understanding that there is a T-ball practice in Mossyrock, Washington that weekend you picked in September! I also heard rumors of a possible pool tournament at The Brown Shack Tavern in our neighboring town of Salkum! Why would USDAA be so callous as to not check on these possible conflicts before scheduling their National Championships? This is supposed to be an all inclusive NATIONAL EVENT!!! Now you have chosen dates that make it very inconvenient for us to attend! I don’t understand why on earth USDAA did not consult with us! We actually did two USDAA trial just last year and if USDAA continues to ignore our requests, we may just cut that number in HALF!

It is my feeling that, if held before Halloween, the 2012 (and all subsequent) National championships should be held in Silver Creek, Washington. If the championships are after Halloween, then they should be held in Temecula, California but not for at least three days after Halloween so we have time to make our annual trip south for the winter. Actually, when I think about it, you should not hold them for at least two weeks after Halloween because we need time to rest after our drive down, and then we need time to train so our dogs have the best shot to do well.

You might be asking why Halloween is the cutoff date. Well, we like to see our granddaughters in costume and oooh and ahhh over how cute they are, and they count on us to be there for them at Halloween. This is very important to us and our family so we hope you will think long and hard about accommodating our schedule!

Now, since my husband and I are getting up there in age, we don’t like to drive too far, so if you hold it in Washington, you can have it at our farm and we won’t even charge you. There is enough room for quite a few rings and parking. You might have to spend a few hundred thousand dollars conditioning the surface as it is used for farming oats and hay now, so it is a bit rough (well, in all honesty, it is a lot rough) but you will easily make that up in crating and parking fees, especially since we have no ban on bully breeds. It could rain that time time of year so you might also want to put up a covered arena for the event and put umbrellas in the gift bags. Don’t worry about taking down the covered arena though, as we can use it to train after the event is over. I prefer dirt for training because artificial turf can get slippery and our dogs might slow down to avoid falling. However, last year we did trial in Kansas City,  Missouri at a soccor arena and that artificial turf was not slippery (and it was old) so now that I think about it, why don’t you do some research and put whatever they had in the new arena you are going to build on our property? Our Poodles don’t like their toys to get dirt or sand on them.

We only have 2 1/2 acres in Temecula where we park in the winter so you will have to rent a few other properties near our place for parking and more rings. It is close to motels and shopping though.

I think that the rattlesnakes and scorpions are hibernating by the end of November so those wimps on the East Coast won’t have to worry much about taking any home in the suitcases. We could offer a day of rattlesnake aversion training before the Championships if people want to come a day early. Of course, USDAA would be expected to pay for that!

Oh, and we don’t think we should have to qualify for Nationals either because, as I stated above, we are old and don’t like to travel to trials much now and we have some young Poodles that haven’t ever been to any USDAA trials but we would like to attend the Championships with them. Consequently, in order to come to Nationals, you should relax your qualifications to suit our needs.

Thank you for your consideration. We are positive that everyone else in the world will agree with us and have no problem with this proposed schedule.

PS. We prefer there be no tire used in the courses for Nationals. We run very tall Poodles and they over jump so they might make the tire open up (assuming you are using the breakaway tire). We would not want to be faulted for that and be at a disadvantage over the smaller dogs.

Helen Grinnell King


  1. This is such a great argument! Because, you know, solemn religious holidays are *exactly* the same thing as a local t-ball game.

  2. Oh very funny. At least it’s funny to you since you obviously are neither Jewish (the religious day in question is a uniquely holy day, more than a “holiday” typical of other religious days) or have a dog that might be considered a “pit bull” which are ruthlessly persecuted in Denver and its suburbs. Maybe if Jen Pindar is stopped and harassed because of her borderstaff, some people will get that there’s nothing trivial or funny about USDAA’s incredibly poor choice.

    • Everything is funny to me. Tht is how I have survived my life. Without humor, I would be dead.

      • I’m with u Helen!! How bout we do it on Christmas. Given the number of people trailing on Sunday mornings (not in church) that would work out fine.

  3. LOLOL!! Really, what is going on?? Full moon or something, everyone just happened to snap from accumulated societal stress in the last few days? I’ve been shaking my head in disbelief.Thanks for the laugh, Terry

  4. Hi Helen,

    Ha ! That’s telling “them” !


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