Posted by: jility | November 11, 2011

Politically Correct


When I was a kid, there was no such thing as political correctness. We were equal opportunity bashers. We made fun of everyone and everything. No person, place, religion, ethnicity or anything else was exempt.  We even made more fun of ourselves than of others.

One year my sister gave me the best gift I have every received: volume one and two of Truly Tasteless Jokes. I laughed so hard I couldn’t speak (which is probably why she gave them to me! They were always trying to shut me up). Those books were hysterical but they are most likely banned in today’s society.

Where did we go wrong? At what point did laughing at the world become so bad? Why are we expected to take everything so seriously? It was a simpler and funnier time in the ’50s and ’60s.

Now I admit that a lot of things are much better now than back then! I do believe in equality for everyone, but that equality should also extend to ribbing!

Just the term “politically correct” alone is offensive! Since when are politics correct? In whose eyes are they correct? Most politicians I know are FAR from correct!  Many are corrupt cheaters who live secret lives (until they are caught, that is).

Political correctness gets worse with every generation.  The current generation of 6 – 10 year olds don’t even know what the phrase means. It is just a given now that they are all so brainwashed into Stepfordism! Just before we left Washington to head south, my granddaughters (7 and 9 years old) spent the day with me. Everything funny I said was met with, “Gramma! We don’t say things like that!” or “GRAMMA! We are not allowed to use those words (and they were NOT cuss words!).” or “GRAMMA! That isn’t nice!”


What kind of world is it where you can’t even call your own granddaughter a “dumb ass” once in a while? I tell them I am just joking but they shake their heads and tell me that it is NOT fun for the person who is on the receiving end of the teasing. WTF? Who knew?

Things have gotten so bad that now I can’t even make fun of myself without being chastised by others! They make me feel worse for making fun of myself than I already do (which is why I make fun of myself in the first place!).  I may not be able to poke fun at other people or use certain words that were once harmless but now mean something completely different, but if I want to slam myself, I have every right to do so without a tongue lashing from some uptight, F#CK$D up do-gooder!

Political correctness SUCKS! It is stupid, controlling and just plain dumb AND I am sick of it! Now I am not talking about hate crimes or hate words towards others, THAT IS WRONG AND MEAN! I AM NOT INTO MEAN! I am talking about good old fashion ribbing and teasing!

As my generation dies off, the need for the term will lessen.  As the next generation goes, so will the term. The youngest generation have grown up with political correctness and most wouldn’t think of calling somebody a dumb ass in jest or a slacker or a lazy slob. No, they would gently nurture those dumb ass, lazy slob slackers and help them find a way to improve their situation. We live in a society where everyone wins a blue ribbon (red for you Canadians) and nobody is left behind and everyone has warm and fuzzy feelings towards everyone else.

It is all enough to make me puke but that too would not be PC.

Helen Grinnell King


  1. Time to teach those kids the proper response! “I’m rubber you’re glue; everything you say bounces off a me & sticks to you!!!! No backs forevah & evah!”

  2. Yup. PC has gone too far–but the IDEA of it was good. That seems to be happening in all things “in today’s society” (I HATE that term, too). Things get blown out of proportion and “morphed” into something they were never intended to be. I try to be kind (but I am a dumbass about some things–there, I said it). I would never make fun of an unfortunate person….but…if some dumbass, inconsiderate friend sends me The People of Walmart, I laugh until I pee myself. I can’t get enough of it. It is FUNNY, damn it! And remains my secret, guilty pleasure. I do find “jokes” that intentionally demean groups of people to be cruel. THAT isn’t PC. That is just plan meanness–and there is a lot of that going around under the guise of “I am sick of being PC.” Be kind. Be real. Do unto others. Nuff said. Love the blog, Helen.

    • Exactly! Not being PC does NOT mean you are mean! Mean is bad! I hate mean.

  3. YES YES YES !!!!!!My feelings exactly !!!!!!!! On Tv yesterday some asian comedian was making jokes about asian boy haircuts…. and the hosts were aheming and saying, well, THAT:S not very nice ! his answer was “come on , your taking this way to seriously , it’s a JOKE , and I”m asian !!!
    They were still huffing and puffing. I am SICK of it too. Agree with your comment on hateful things, but teasing and joking ??? I grew up with it. NO dodgeball, or monkeybars etc etcetc…….. makes me puke.

  4. Well, but how do you really feel Helen?

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