Posted by: jility | January 1, 2012

All is Lost

When I started blogging, I never in a million years expected such a great response to my writings. I have always loved to write but a certain angry, bitter and very frustrated nun once told me I had no talent for it so I quit writing. The people who read my blog and encourage me are to blame for all my ramblings.

I am like a dog; just click and treat me once and I am all over it! However, lately I have lost my desire to write. The first few years I wrote, I used Yahoo Pulse to write my blogs. About a year ago I switched to WordPress and assumed that all the blogs I had written before would be safe until I put them altogether in a book. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Yahoo decided to get rid of Pulse and with it, went all my past blogs up until October of 2010.  When I think of the lost blogs I get sick to my stomach. Gone is the marathon blog I wrote about my hospital stay from hell after my first knee surgery. Gone is my favorite blog of all time called “Revenge of the Global Warmer.” In this blog, I chronicled the happenings of one fateful night when we were locked into the GW and the door wouldn’t open and Sir Cussalot stood framed in the door window in his birthday suit while he cussed and trying to get the latch to release us from our prison on wheels.

There were many more blogs that are gone forever. I have written to Yahoo several times but they continue to tell me tough luck. I wish I had a solution but I don’t. Some I have on my “new” computer but all the posts I wrote during our New England cruise last year are gone forever and that really upsets me. I had them stored in my laptop but it fell off the bed and the hard drive gasped its last breath and with that, all my travel blogs died as well.

 So, I start the new year in sadness, grieving the loss of my writings.


  1. Helen, have you checked the Wayback Machine website? Sometimes they have websites for specific dates. It might work for your blog. Good luck.

    I enjoy reading your blog—even when I don’t agree with you.


  2. Have you tried the WayBack Machine? I’m not sure its archives include blogs, but it might be worth a try, especially if you know the urls of the postings on yahoo.

  3. I thoroughly enjoy your writings. Its a great talent. I went to Catholic school, so I know first hand about “Attila the Nuns”. Please don’t stop writing. I love “smart ass”. Happy New Year to you all.

  4. Noooooooo! Don’t stop! Just when I need to hear some cheer from another smart ass, you post to your blog. I need that! And I KNOW I am not alone. Buck up, girl. You have a lot more in you. Yahoo sucks. Revenge somes sweetly to those who wait. 🙂

  5. That stinks!!! I hope they are found in cyberspace; but thank God you still have ‘Clean up on Ken’s Shoe’!!!

  6. Thank goodness you still have the memories…it could be worse
    Happy New Year to you and Mel.
    Sandy, Sadie, Sassy & Samie

  7. sad today…maybe, what about all the new blogs there are to write about all the new things you haven’t experienced yet?

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