Posted by: jility | February 12, 2012

What’s Your Angle?

When Daisy Peel asked me to teach a structure class for her in her online classroom, I wasn’t sure. Having never done anything like that, I was unsure as to how to go about it. Daisy assured me that she would help me find my way around the classroom. Her faith in me gave me the guts to go ahead and say yes. Daisy made it easy for me to have the courage to go forward.

Online classes seem to be the way of the future and I am thrilled to be part of this incredibly exciting electronic age. The sad part is that this generation may be one of the last to see paper books. With all the new technology, it is an exciting time to be alive!

My biggest fear of online teaching was that nobody would sign up for my class? Daisy assured me that would not be a problem. Skeptical, but hopeful, I proceeded to set up my classroom. Daisy agreed to to let my agility list members have first shot at registration. I was tickled with the response! Within one day of opening to the public, my class filled! WOW! I was overwhelmed!

Auditing spots were unlimited and slowly, but surely, people began to register for auditing! There has been such a great response, if we hold the class again, we may also have to limit auditing spots as well!

It is going to be a great four weeks! People work at their own pace and the class is open 24/7. The material will be up for six weeks from the opening, so there is plenty of time to soak in the material. The title for the class is, “What’s Your Angle?” We will focus on learning to see angles.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased my new book, Picking Your Performance Puppy, and to all those who have signed up for my online class! Registration for the class ends February 13th so there is still a little time to join us!

Picking Your Performance Puppy


  1. So many people overlook structure and give more credit to drive. In the best of all worlds we would love both. It takes a few dogs in one’s life to understand the differences and why some dogs live a long career and some do not. I have always looked at dogs and how they move but Helen broke it down into smaller pieces so I could see it more easily. I can look at each dog I have had the pleasure to love and see why some did better than others as performance dogs.

  2. I LOVED the ebook! Learned so much from it and I’ll be re-reading it many times!

    Hope you open the class one more time, I dont wanna miss it next time!!!

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