Posted by: jility | April 7, 2012


When we were kids, holidays were a big deal. Our mother went overboard with everything from celebrations to gifts to punishments. Many times the gifts followed the punishment. It was kinda like SMASH! “Here’s a toy.” Talk about a conflicted childhood.

Anyway, holidays were always over the top and Easter was no exception. I loved Easter; perhaps even more than Christmas. I was a fat kid (big surprise eh?) and the Easter candy was incredible.  I couldn’t wait to see what goodies I would find when I opened my bedroom door. There were six kids in my family and each one of us had our very own Easter Bunny trail leading from our bedroom doors. As I was typing just now, it dawned on me that my brothers shared a bedroom upstairs. I never asked how they knew which trail was which! Now THAT question will haunt me for the next year or until I forget about it, whichever comes first and, at my age, that may only be until I finish this blog!

I would lie awake for hours, thinking about what tasty morsels that bunny might leave for me. The Easter Bunny would wait until he/she thought we were fast asleep, then lay that trail of chocolate, marshmallows and jelly beans. At the crack of dawn, I would open my door and THERE IT WAS, leading me on a path of major caloric discovery that wound through the halls, behind chairs and couches and under tables until it ended with a pot of tasty gold hidden in some imaginative place. I loved the hunt! The trail, made up mostly of marshmallow duckies, assorted jelly beans and other small Easter type delicacies, was broken up every so often by a large sugar egg with a scene inside, or a tall chocolate bunny or some other interesting confections.

No wonder I was a fat kid! Oh wait, I am the one in control of my own diet now and I am STILL FAT! Oh well.

There I was, thinking about Easter one day and how much I loved that hunt, when it hit me! I could do the same for our dogs! It only seemed logical to give our dogs the same wonderful experience of a delicious hunt for treats! So, each time we go out the door for any extended period of time and leave dogs behind, we make leaving them not just an OK thing, but a GREAT thing that goes on and on and on. Kinda like the gift that keeps on giving. The way we do that is to recreate the Easter experience I loved so much as a kid. We take a huge fistful or two of kibble and yell, “EASTER BISCUITS!” as we cast the delectable goodies across the floor of the Global Warmer.

It is something we have done for a hundred years so it is second nature for us, but the first time an outsider sees this ritual, they are shocked. It seems like such a logical thing to do, I am always mystified by their reactions. We always do the same when a dog has to go into a crate or x-pen, or if we have company and shuffle the girls to the bedroom of the GW (8 dogs and company doesn’t work well in such a small space).

So, the next time you leave your dogs, think of us and throw them a big fistful of EASTER BISCUITS! You will be amazed at how much they look forward to seeing the backside of your arse going out the door.

PS. It also works great as a lure to get them to come in if they have better things to do. We just yell, “EASTER BISCUITS” out the door and your should see them all come a runnin! OK, so it goes against everything you have ever heard or read from good trainers, but we never claimed to be good :).


Helen Grinnell King



  1. Happy Easter to you. I do the treat hunt also. My friends, who may be visiting at the time, think I am “bonkers”, my Grandkids think I
    am awsome. I reach into the “kibble pantry”, dip and throw 2 cups
    of kibbles and the fun begins….Schnauzer mania. Never a kibble
    is missed. Sadie, Sassy and Samie think I am the greatest and never
    know when to expect the “crazy lady” to act crazy (:

  2. My dogs sit and wait in their “room” for their cookies before I leave on my way. Sometimes they even stick their nose through the doggie door and wait for me to feed them there rather then sitting in their room. I do like the trail idea though…very cute!

  3. In our crate, they hear, “BICKIES!” & love being in there! Hmmm… must be on similar wave lengths… could we both be recovering Catholics ??? Glad we kept the only best parts of those holy days! “Beads, bags, books!” … as we were herded out the door to choich.

  4. Happy Easter!!! We will do BISCUITS in your honor tomorrow morning!

  5. I love it! Ours gets treats whenever we leave too. But just given to them. Some days Barley tries to hurry me out the door to work!

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