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He wasn’t famous. He was never on the World Team and he hated having his toenails cut.

It was about 10 years ago that I first met Jibby. He was a striking blue merle Border Collie who belonged to Stacy Winkler.  Jib was about the fastest dog around back then. He put in times that blew the competition away. Unfortunately, he also hit bars. Jib was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at a young age and had a TPO. I always said Jibby was the best unknown dog on the planet.

We often babysat for Jib when Stacy had to go out of town on business or to visit her family. He fit right in with our pack of dogs. He never complained. He was always respectful of our dogs (8 bitches and I mean bitches) and he LOVED Gramma’s EASTER BISCUITS! When Jib came to stay with us, he was quiet as a mouse, but ready to go crazy running with the pack at any time.

About the only thing Jib loved more than Easter Biscuits and turkey necks was swimming. He squealed with joy at the mere mention of the pool. He loved to take a mightily leap off the tall side of our pool (something that usually got me in trouble with his mom :)). He was fearless,  had no regard for his own safety nor did he have any sense of self preservation. He did everything a million miles an hour and always gave it everything he had to give.

One of my favorite Jib stories took place at our farm in Washington. We were still living in the house at the time rather than the Global Warmer. I was sitting upstairs at my computer and Sir Cussalot had walked the quarter mile to the end of the driveway to get the mail. Stacy was visiting her family in Oregon, so we were taking care of Jibby for the week. He loved Sir C, but was a bit conflicted at times because it was Sir C who held him still while I dremeled his toenails.

Anyway, I heard the front door shut followed by size 14 shoes clomping up the stairs. Then I heard muttering. “Goddamn f#@k!^g JIB. Get the f#@k off me for f… sake.” Normally I wouldn’t have turned around to even look because I have learned to ignore the cussing as just a normal part of life (he isn’t called Sir Cussalot for nothing). It was the THUMP, drag, THUMP, drag, THUMP drag…  that got my attention. Just as I turned around, here came Sir C with an armful of mail, helpless against the humping  dog attached to his leg.

I burst out laughing. More cussing and grumbling followed until I called Jibby and he released the death grip he had on Sir C’s leg. Jibby was known to hump Sir C off and on for years. He never did it to anyone else. It was almost as if it were payback for the dremeling. When Stacy got her own dremel and did his nails herself, the humping of Sir C ceased.

My next favorite Jibby story took place at Stacy’s a couple of years ago. We were in Stacy’s living room visiting. She had a large crate in the corner of the room. The door was closed but not latched. As we were leaving, I looked at Jibby and asked, “Hey Jib, you want Gramma and Grampa to do your nails?” As the last word came out of my mouth, Jibby looked at me in horror, his already prominent eyes got even bigger, and ran towards the crate. He never missed a beat. He ran up to the crate, banged his foot on the door so it bounced open, ran in the crate and closed the door behind him! We nearly fell down laughing.

I didn’t think we could reproduce that scene in a million years but I wanted to try. I got the video camera, coaxed poor unsuspecting Jibby out of his panic room and asked him the same question. With camera rolling, Jib did not disappoint. He once again ran to the crate, pushed his paw against the door so it bounced open, ran into the box and shut the door behind him. The sad thing is, we have searched all day and can’t find the footage.

For whatever reason, Jibby loved our Poodle Isabella. Nobody likes Isabella, but Jibby did. He played with her like a puppy. She enjoyed it too because she played back with great joy.

I will miss the harmless but fierce sounding Chewbacca like growling Jibby did when you asked him for a kiss. I will miss hearing him talk to me on the phone at night. I will miss the endless ball throwing I did for him and I will miss his wonderful full eyes.

I can’t stop crying.

Good-bye wonderful Jibby. I will pray they have Chuck-Its and pools in heaven.

The lovely digital portrtait below was done by Laura Rothstein. You can visit her website at:

Helen Grinnell King


  1. What a lucky dog he was to be so loved by you…

  2. Such awesome stories, Helen… Jib was such a wonderful character… filled with tons of personality and heart.

  3. so sorry for your loss.
    It was obvious you loved him so much.
    My thoughts go out to Stacy.

  4. That was very sweet Helen, poor Mr. jibs will be missed but will be in great company with so many others of our best buddies.

  5. What a lovely boy he must have been. What lovely memories to hold close to your hearts. I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. 😦

  6. What a wonderful tribute to Jibbles. An amazing dog with a heart of gold.

  7. That was wonderful, Helen. Jib will be sorely missed.

  8. Thank you for your Jibby stories. I only met him earlier this year, and Stacy got Jib to be my schooling dog during one of our lessons. He was most willing to show me the ropes. Thank you for sharing your loving and funny memories of Jibby.

  9. A beautiful tribute, Helen. And I KNOW they have Chuck-its and pools up “north”—and no nails need to be dremeled and there is no HD.

  10. Very sorry for your loss.

  11. Aw, Jibby. Very sad to hear he’s gone, and I hardly knew him. Can’t imagine how Stacy, Mel, and you feel.

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