Posted by: jility | June 10, 2012

They Hope We Can Get Our Money Back

The plan was to drive the four hours to Madras, Oregon from John Day and spend the night at a lake resort. The weather was cold and wet, so we decided to keep on truckin all the way home.

Eight week old Double J Xoom only screamed for three of the eight hours we drove. The poor little thing had just been separated from the only family she had ever known, stuck in a crate having to look at strange dogs and ignored by people. She cried for an hour straight, then she fell asleep for about 10 minutes until Sir Cussalot called me on the walkie-talkie and she took up where she left off. She screamed, she howled, she screeched in a high pitched blood curding call and she moaned in a low yodel. It was nonstop and it was horrible.

At one point, I thought I was going to have to pull a Van Gogh and cut off my ears! My brain hurt it was so loud. I tried some music. It helped at first, but soon it was dueling noise. I love to talk on the phone when I drive, but the noise was deafening. I tried a couple of times when friends called, but the conversations didn’t last long. I needed entertainment from friends to shorten the feel of the long drive!

The other dogs in the car with me were MeMe and Charisse. I thought they would be good because they are tolerant and kind. We stopped a few times to take Xoom potty with no success. Finally, she piddled. Pankins decided she really really needed me so I let her come in the car as well. I was concerned at how she would react to the puppy. She is fearfully aggressive and vocal about it. There was no way she could get to Xoom, but I didn’t think she needed the intimidation.

As we pulled out of the rest stop, the screaming began all over again. This time it lasted for only about a half hour. Pankies finally had had all she could take and snarked at the puppy’s crate. The pup stopped. It was the only time I have ever been happy that Pankies has a crappy temperament. Xoom was quiet for a few minutes, then started up again. Pankies told her to shut up once more and she did.

I heard a few more whimpers from the back of the Stinkmobile, but the next five hours were quite peaceful. I enjoyed the silence.

It seemed like forever, but we finally pulled into our driveway in Silver Creek, Washington. What a great welcome we received! Our family was waiting for us with smiles and hugs. The granddollars were waiting with their noses pressed up against the fence. Their mom said they had been waiting there for hours. I truly felt loved.

Waiting for Gramma & Grampa

The girls were so excited to be home again and ecstatic to see the granddollars! MeMe, Pankies & Crushie were especially happy. Crushie jumped up on Sicily and held on to her leg with her front paws as tightly as she could. MeMe jumped and licked. Her tongue went nonstop. Pankies wagged her long tail as fast as it could go and she smiled and smiled at the girls. Barque barked (never name your dog Barque. The universe has no clue about spelling, only the sound of the word).

Crushie took offto the swamp in search of her huge Jolly Ball.  Constant barking told me she had found it. She soon arrived back at the Global Warmer covered in mud and looking very much like a small, but just as nasty, Cujo.

We settled in for the night and I looked forward to a good night’s sleep. Right.

The screaming began as soon as she was placed in her crate. We began the long training process of covering and uncovering. Crushie was a terrible screamer too (worse, actually because she screamed in AND out of the crate!). I knew it would be a matter of time before little Xoom would learn the game and decide to be quiet.

When it was time for bed, we put everyone in their nighttime spot, climbed into bed and turned off the lights. The screaming resumed and there was no end in sight. So, Sir C went in, picked up the small crate and placed it on the bed between us. Xoom was now happy, secure AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, QUIET!!! Luckily we have a huge bed. There is no room for a crate next to the bed, so the only logical place was on the bed. We will wean her from that ASAP!

Xoom slept quietly until 4 AM. We tried to sleep in but she demanded another potty walk at 7. Sir C, the official “middle of the night dog pottier,” was kind enough to do the honors. She did pretty darn well all night. I only heard a few very faint whimpers and pitiful sighs coming from the crate.

In the morning, Sir C took all the dogs into the yard to begin setting up the hot tub and other things. Xoom trucked along with him. When feeling intimidated by the eight large dogs, she ran under the GW. After a while, her little head would appear from under the bus and she would creep out slowly and go in search of Sir C.

After starting the breakfast cereal in the rice cooker, I took everyone for a walk a couple of times around one of our fields.

Happy to be home again!

Little Xoom came along too. Now getting used to the pack, she was virtually fearless. Isabella must walk on leash so she doesn’t have any dietary indiscretions. Xoom kept trying to tug on Isabella’s leash.

Tugging on Isabella’s leash

At one point I dropped it so MeMe, the official “bringer” brought Isabella back to me.

MeMe is the official bringer and she says, “DON’T FORGET!”

I dropped the leash again on purpose and Xoom tried to bring it too. Well, actually, she was trying to tug on it but she will be a good “bringer” I think.

Another “bringer” in the making

Barque and Isabella are the only dogs that have tried to play with Xoom so far. The others ignore her or warn her to stay away from them. She listens.

Close encounter of the Barque kind

Sicily and Julia came up to visit for the day and they are taking turns tugging with Xoom. Sicily, the older of the two, is on much appreciated potty duty. I missed these girls so much! They are great kids and quite dog savvy.

Puppy love

Clay & Katie Johnson did a great job teaching the puppies to love tugging!

OH NO! It’s a miniature FWUSHIE!

We are just starting a new adventure with Xoom. One we hope will last for many years to come.

What do we think of our new little girl?


What do our other eight dogs think of her?


Helen  Grinnell King


  1. Helen, Welcome little Xoomer — may the howler monkey be replaced quickly 🙂 So looking forward to seeing her exploits while growing up!

    Shelley, Letti and T-boy

  2. Such a cutie and you forget those things about new pups once some time has passed, your post reminded me! Lol

  3. Hi Mel & Helen,

    Love your new puppy !

    Although I know she’s still in the “get acquainted stage”, I hope the other gals will take it easy on her !

    The two neighbor gals, are treasures !

    So “happy” to see the puppy “happy” ! Probably another night, or two, of whining, but then, I bet she’ll be happy forever !


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