Posted by: jility | July 16, 2012

Juror #12

Every time I am called for jury duty, I am out on the road and they let me off. There was one other time a few years ago I was called but nobody wanted me on the jury. It was a domestic violence case and they asked me if I thought a slap was abuse. I told them I thought yelling was abusive. That ended any chance I had on getting on that jury. Big surprise.

Today, I reported once again for jury duty. I was number 25 of 50 potential jurors. This time I got “lucky.” I was really surprised at how much information they leak during the jury selection. I pretty much knew what the case was all about before we even started the trial! They sneak hints in with every question. They start planting seeds in your head long before you are seated in the jury box! I guess they are trying to sway your final decision, but it is only obvious.

One of the questions they asked was, “Have you ever been cut off by another driver?” If you answered yes, they asked if you ever reacted with a wave of your hand. The defense attorney called on me and asked me if I had ever waved at the offending driver. I said, “Yes.” She then asked if my wave consisted of less than two fingers.

I answered, “Maybe.” They laughed. I got picked.

The trial took about 5 hours and the deliberations about 45 minutes. They wanted us to convict this scary looking shaven head dude of felony harassment and threatening to kill the other guy (who didn’t exactly look like a choirboy).

What they should have charged this guy with was “Felony Dumb Assedness” instead! Now that would have gotten a felony conviction from us for sure! Long story short, they didn’t prove their case (or even close really), but the defendant got on the stand and admitted to threatening the other guy, so he was convicted of a lesser charge of plain harassment.

I have come to the conclusion that most street criminals aren’t smart enough to be any good at their chosen profession. The defendant and his witness/fiancé in the courtroom today, had totally drug fried brains. All I could think of was that old commercial, “This is your brain,” then they crack an egg into a hot skillet and say, “this is your brain on drugs,” as the egg sizzles in the pan. It was very sad actually. I am not sure what their potential IQ might have been as young children, but they had taken so many drugs, there weren’t many brain cells left.

I hate drugs. I hate what they do to people and those who love the users. I hate alcohol too for the same reasons I hate other drugs. I fear this problem in our society will never change. People will always want to numb their senses with their drug of choice. My drug of choice is food.

Sadly, when your drug of choice is food, people can always look at you and know that (unless of course you are bulimic, then you can get rid of the evidence). Druggies and drunks can hide their issues, but fatties like me wear their drug of choice for all to see and judge.

Sorry for the serious blog tonight. I promise to lighten things up next time. Now, if I could just lighten up my own body.

Helen  Grinnell King


  1. Druggies and drunks can’t hide their addictions forever, eventually, they and everyone around them suffer the consequences 😦

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