Posted by: jility | September 18, 2012

Xoom (aka PayPal – The Community Puppy)

Last night Xoom came home. When they brought her into the exam room, she was underwhelmed to see us. We were not going up to see her for fear she would get too excited. HUH! She acted like we beat her daily. She went right to the bed they had in the corner and wouldn’t leave it. We called and coaxed to no avail.

I went over to her but she had no interest in me at all. She wanted the tech more. It was so sad! The tech gave me some treats and I fed her. She liked that, but as soon as the treats were gone, she lost interest in me. In my defense, she was stoned out of her mind on tramadol and a muscle relaxer. For all I know she could have been seeing us with two heads. I hate tramadol! They put me on it when I had my knee put back together. I saw some weird S#!T when I was on that stuff! I took it a few times until I hallucinated, then I never took it again! I can only imagine what kind of hallucination poor little Xoom has!

After getting all the instructions and paying them more money (not necessarily in that order), we carried Xoom outside to the car. She happily went potty, barked at the tramadol phantoms across the street and then was lifted into her crate for the long ride home.

Once home, Mel carried Xoom into the Global Warmer. The dogs all looked at her and said in unison, “HEY! I WE THOUGHT YOU TOOK THAT RUNT AWAY FOR GOOD! WHAT GIVES?” Millie sniffed her a bit and the others ignored her altogether. Their attitude was CRAP! SHE’S BAAAAAACK!

Xoom ate like the piglet she is, got her drugs and fell fast asleep. For the first time in ages, she slept through the night. I think she was just so uncomfortable before, that she was restless. Either that or the drugs knocked her out. Mel got up in the middle of the night to let out MeMe (a normal nightly occurrence) but not a peep from Xoom (not a normal nightly occurrence). She was quiet as a mouse. Normally, she barks to get out of her crate and demands to be freed. She waited patiently until Mel took her out about 6:30.

We did her exercises after breakfast and again in the afternoon. She loves going out for her potty breaks but is no longer demanding like she was before her weeklong stay in the hospital. We must be careful on her walks, because she wants to jump up and run. When she saw our granddaughter, Sicily, last night, I thought she was going to jump out of her skin with joy! We expected the same greeting, but all we got was the cold shoulder.

Here is the MOST remarkable thing I have noticed since Xoom’s surgery. We have always given her things on which to chew. We tried everything from rawhide (I know –I know) to bully sticks to beef tendons. She would take them with great gusto, mouth them a little, then never touch them again. I found it so odd. Here was a puppy with an incredible love for food, but she wouldn’t chew anything we gave her. Now she is chewing on those same things like there is no tomorrow! They said that boney growth stuff was right next to her brain stem! I bet the chewing action made her head hurt! It must have made the spine compress even more and hurt like crazy. She has chewed nonstop all afternoon!

Here is a little video Mel did of her this afternoon. She would love nothing more than for me to remove the leash and let her rip. She is restricted to that leash for 8 to 12 weeks! It is not going to be easy once she is off the drugs and she wakes up more! She is very wobbly still.

Tomorrow she goes to rehab for the first time. Crushie will go with her. The family that rehabs together…

Xoom is finally starting to show affection for us again and that makes me feel a lot betterJ. I adore her so much. We were pretty tight before all this happened, so I am glad things are returning to normal.

Thanks again to the many incredibly generous people who contributed to the Crushie & Xoom fund! Thanks to your generosity, both girls are going to get the rehab they need! I will be driving them 2 hours each way to the underwater treadmill once or twice a week, and in the other direction about the same distance for more rehab. I will post lots of photos and videos when possible.

Please continue sending good thoughts their way :)!

PS! As I was uploading this blog, one of the neurologists from SVS called me to say they had the results back from the lab on the bone material they removed from Xoom’s neck. IT IS JUST NORMAL BONE! YEAH!!!! It is NOT cancer as some suggested it might be. It is just bone that grew in the wrong place. Let’s hope it doesn’t decide to grow back! Mel & I needed some more good news! :))) THAT MADE ME FEEL LIKE DANCIN…!!!

Helen Grinnell King


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  4. So happy the dogs are back home healing up, Lots of hugs to you & your pack

  5. Adorable!

  6. Dancing here in Australia for all of you!!!! Whoop Whoop!!!

  7. Great news for you! Happy to hear that things are starting to turn in your favor; what is that saying “bad things don’t stay bad forever” or something like that…:-) Love the water therapy – worked like a champ with Latte after ACL surgery and Boost; well he is doing his first dock diving event this weekend after I did therapy with him for the OCD in his shoulder…a monster was created!

  8. Yay!

  9. So happy for you all. Drugs and “animal displeasure” can do a number on the affection they show. When we got our second dog, my siamese cat who had never left my side, did not sleep with me for six months! It took her almost 2 years to fully forgive me. She is now almost 18 and just tolerates her two doggie siblings. So happy to see that Crushie and Xoom are both doing well.

  10. Such a wonderful day! She is very pretty , and watching her wobble around you and your tender strokes choked me up.
    May she continue to heal in the best way , and Crushie too.
    Thanks for the great update , and there is no better feeling than being “held up” by love.

  11. It’s so good to see that Xoom is home and well on the road to recovery. Best wishes to both of the brown girlie dogs for many happy, healthy years ahead!

  12. We are dancing with you! Such good news (for both girls!)

  13. Welcome home Xoom! Very glad to hear it was just normal bone. Very interesting about the chewing…

  14. Holy guacamole! For what she’s been through, she’s walking well. That video brought tears to my eyes. Sure as hell hope that the bone doesn’t over grow again.

    I’m so happy to see her home & doing well.

  15. No Cancer!!!! What a great relief. She sure looks like a woozy girl, but so happy to be out and about, and when you were stroking her head, it was obvious she was delighted.

  16. That is the coolest thing to see!!!!! :-). So glad you posted video- it made my day!

  17. Keep dancin’ little Xoom. You are in good hands.

  18. Normal bone growth!!!!! Woot! I am dancing with you:>) Give babydog a kiss for me. And you are right, the drugs have an incredible impact and her affection and intensity will be back in no time once she gets back on her feet and is out of pain. Then hold onto your butts.

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