Posted by: jility | September 20, 2012

Just Treading Water

Things have been a bit crazy around here. Between trying to keep Xoom quiet and entertained, Crushie up on all her rehab, and rally and nosework classes with Pankies, there isn’t much time for things like writing. My brain is fried and full. Well, it has been fried for a long time, but now it is so full, I am forgetting things like my nosework class and other things I love to do. It is amazing how stress will cause all intelligence to vacate one’s brain. And to top it all off, on Monday I start a structure class I am teaching in Daisy Peel’s Online Classroom. I think my brain is going to explode out of my head and fly around the Global Warmer like an exhaling balloon.Mel has been great about doing the rehab work on the girls. Xoom is still very wobbly and crossing over a lot in her front legs. I have no idea how long that will continue or if it will ever get better. Only time will tell. She is incredibly enthusiastic to be released from her fabric prison. I did a good job of teaching her how to explode from the crate when given the OK. Mel has to catch her by her little harness handle before she can make a break for it! Mel doesn’t trust me to release her or carry her down the stairs. He says my reaction time is much too slow. He is correct.

Today Mel loaded the CD of Xoom’s MRI into the computer. It was shocking to see the compression of her vertebra, and mind boggling to think about how she managed to get around at all! Look just below her brain. It looks like an hour glass!

You can see where the spinal cord is compressed!

We waited with great anticipation for the lab results on the bone that was removed from Xoom’s C1 vertebra. Just when we thought our worry level couldn’t get higher, it was suggested by a few well-meaning people that Xoom’s condition sounded like chondrosarcoma. Well, I am so happy to report it was not! Here is the report:

GREAT news! We will keep our fingers crossed that is doesn’t grow back.

Mel made a little video of their first rehab session at Sumner Vet. Crushie LOVES her rehab exercises and is a pro in the underwater treadmill. Xoom thinks it is the box of death. When she was watching Crushie tread in the water, she was shouting obscenities that is was her turn (yes, Sir Cussalot’s language rubbed off on her). Once she was faced with the box of death, her tune changed. She too will earn to like it in time.

Crush doesn’t know there is anything wrong with her. She is the lucky one who gets to run and play and do fun things.

Xoom, on the other hand, is miserable. She is confined to her crate and only allowed to walk on a leash for many weeks. It is going to be tough. She is enjoying all her chew things. Up until her surgery, she never chewed on anything. I always thought that was odd.  Now she is making up for lost time. It really must have hurt her to chew.

We are going back up to Sumner on Saturday for more physical therapy on both girls, and then we head south next week for yet more. We will try to get them both in twice a week for some work and do whatever we can at home to help them progress.

Crushie and the Community Pup send their ever grateful love to all.

Dear Lord, Please make little Xoom and me all better soon.

Helen Grinnell King


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  3. They both are looking great, Helen! Loved the video and the expression on Xoom’s face when she gets what she wants if pretty priceless:) And yes, she will learn to love it!

  4. Crushie is doing great and I know that Xoom is going to also, because you guys will do whatever it takes to get it done!

  5. Glad your girls are improving everyday. Awesome

  6. Both girls seem to be on their way–and they could not be in better hands. Thank you for sharing. You are teaching as well. Hugs.

  7. LOVE it Helen! I am so looking forward to seeing how they both progress. Take some time for YOU! I know it is hard and I know how all this stress can impact you and mainly I know that feeling of “your head is exploding with all that is going on”. So… go treat yourself to something “special” once a week. 🙂

  8. Hi Mel, Helen and Family,

    Enjoyed the update ! You guys do a great job putting these things together ! Both gals are looking pretty good . . . especially Crush ! It’s reassuring to see her, especially, so active. May the recovery continue as well for both of them !

    Ron King

  9. Kids get the same thing:

    • WOW Kerilyn! Have you seen it?

  10. Somehow I had missed crush’s cancer story. The first time I heard about it was when you blogged about Xoom’s diagnosis. Can you tell me what happened to her or point me in the right direction if you have already written about crusharoo?

    • Just go back a few blogs to The Little Red Rocket and read that one

  11. Helen, Crush and Xoom look great doing their therapy, I’m impressed with the PT equipment! I’m a human PT and would love to have half the things they have. Keep up the good work, and we’ll keep up the prayers for all of you!

  12. Could you interpret the diagnosis? I can’t read it, it’s all fuzzy.

  13. I think they both will make a fabulous recovery!

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