Posted by: jility | September 22, 2012


Today was the second time in the underwater treadmill for Crush and Xoom. Xoom thought it was the box of death last time. This time, however, she was much less frightened. No towel was needed on the floor to get her to step inside. She is petrified of white floors (the hospital that did her surgery has white floors). I have no idea why those floors scared her, but they did and she generalized that fear. She could have slipped or it could have to do with her heavy duty drugs ;).

Crushie started crying as we pulled into the parking lot of Sumner Vet Hospital. She loves swimming and doing her rehab. She dragged me to the door, and put her front feet on the counter to tell them to hurry up and take her to her work. She is going stir crazy not having a job to do, or jolly balls to push around. Crushie did a mile and a half in the water treadmill today and even trotted for some of it. She thinks her rehab is great fun/work and that is what life is all about for Little Miss Overachiever.

Xoom, on the other hand, is typical of the younger generation. She expects everything in life to be free and fun and, for the most part, for her it is. I saw a glimmer of Border Collie work ethic a few times today. Crushie didn’t come with work ethic either. She learned to love her work. Xoom’s seemed to kick in today for the first time. Perhaps it is because she no longer is in pain every time she tries to do something!

Ken, their rehab specialist at Sumner, put peanut butter on the door of the tank and Xoom thought that was pretty dang saweeet! Luckily, her food drive is so high, it can overcome any fear she might have. Xoom walked for about ten minutes on the treadmill. It was awesome to watch her working!

We forgot our camera today, so I had to take the videos with my phone. They are shaky and not very clear, but you can see how Xoom is starting to really enjoy the work. She bit at the water a few times. I know a certain tall, redheaded uncle of hers with the initials of Voucher Blake who was nearly lost down the river because he was so preoccupied biting at the water as it splashed from his front feet! I hope Xoom learns not to do that in her treadmill sessions.

After their rehab session, we took the girls down the street to the Mud Bay Granary. They got to pick out some goodies, and we even bought some frozen beef knuckle bones for them. Xoom has never had one. For the first five months of her life, she was unable to really chew anything. Now she is making up for lost chew time. She is insane to chew! She thought that knuckle bone was the best thing that has ever happened to her.

It was quite the day for our two little red heads. Even Crushie slept some on the way home. Xoom chewed on her bone until she passed out about an hour into the two hour trip. When we got home, they taunted the other girls through the fence yelling, “SMELL OUR BREATH SUCKAS! WE GOT STUFF AND YOU DIDN’T!”


Helen Grinnell King



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  3. fantastic to see helen! lots of love and support to you and mel and your girls.

  4. Hi Mel, Helen, and kids, Enjoyed the rehab video ! Dang, I’m going to have to schedule myself a rehab down there ! I could handle that walking in water, and, I do enjoy peanut butter ! Mel, I got caught up today, watching the WA. State vs Colorado football game ! I enjoyed the hell out of the first three quarters, WA. State, at one time, led 28 to 7. But then, the wheels fell off of the f–kin’ bus . . . the Cougars actually, and unbelieveably, lost . . . something like 35 to 34. Jesus Christ ! Thanks for the update on your kids ! Ron

  5. Helen – this brought tears to my eyes:>) I loved seeing little Xoom’s feet and body working in balance (yes, even with her helper holding her harness she was in sync). This is sooooo awesome to see! Body connecting to nerves connecting to all the appendages. Tail wagging too! Peanut effect is wonderful, don’t you think? LOL Nice job!!!

  6. Kids are looking great! Xoom has made huge strides. Love the water work videos I think she’s liking it.

  7. How cool Xoom was able to enjoy a knuckle bone! They look so good ESP with what they’ve been through!

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