Posted by: jility | November 22, 2012

Thank God for Tofu Skin!

People often ask me why, if I am so against eating animals, do I eat food that looks and tastes like animals.

My answer?


Sir Cussalot and I didn’t give up eating animal products because we didn’t like the taste. We gave up eating animal products because we felt it was healthier for us. Eventually, we realized it was also healthier for the planet, and that was a nice side effect.

One of the things I loved to eat most when I ate meat was turkey skin. I could have stripped a 30 pounder of its skin in one instant and still wanted more and, as Sir Cussalot just pointed out to me, have done so on several occasions much to his dismay! I LOVED turkey skin! I also loved the stuffing and the white meat. I wasn’t so crazy about the dark meat. I found it gamey.


Nearly forty years ago (38 to be exact), Sir C turned me on to chestnuts in the stuffing. Now I am addicted to them. Sadly, peeling them takes hours and I no longer feel like doing it, nor does Sir C. So, instead I buy dehydrated or cooked in a jar. I prefer the dehydrated over the jar but this year they seem to be having THE GREAT CHESTNUT FAMINE!

I thought I had bags and bags of the wonderful creatures, but alas, they were nowhere to be found. Sir C searched high and low for them in the trailer, shop and the Global Warmer to no avail. I too searched; same results.  <Insert major sigh here>

So this year, we will have to use chestnuts from a jar. <Insert even bigger sigh here> OH THE HUMANITY!

I did find some good looking organic fresh chestnuts and almost bought them, but Sir C discouraged it. Next time I won’t listen and will take the time to roast and peel the real thing!

But I digress.

I used to buy Tofurkey or the Un-turkey (which I much preferred to Tofurkey), but Tofurkey sold out and got dumbed down to crap and the Un-turkey went out of business much to my chagrin. Why did I prefer the Un-turkey?


Now, before Tofurkey sold out, they too had wonderful vegan skin, but the Un-turkey skin was out of this world! How do they make vegan turkey skin you might be asking?

Soy beans!

In my more ambitious vegan years, I made my own tofu, just so I could make tofu skin. I honestly don’t think there is anything on the planet that tastes better than fresh sautéed tofu skin.

I am told they make tofu skin in huge drums on the streets in Asian cities.

Experiencing that is something to put on my bucket list along with seeing Bermuda, New Zealand, Australia and the Shetland Islands.

When the Un-turkey people went belly up and Tofurkey sold out and lost its skin, I thought Thanksgiving would never be the same. Then, when all seemed lost, I found it! EUREKA! I hit the MUTHA LODE!

One World Vegetarian Cuisine makes an incredible vegan bird complete with that delicate, delicious skin I crave! Their stuffing is also quite good, even if it is sans chestnuts.   I just put the chestnuts in my gravy and that fills the bill just fine for me! They used to make little drumsticks and attach them to the side of the vegan bird, but they got complaints that it made the turkey look too real. GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK! Some people are just idiots.

One World Vegan Turkey

Here is a better looking one that they cooked instead of me!

One World Vegan Turkey

I did tell them I miss the little legs and they said I could request them and they would make them just for me! It pays to be nice to people in this world J. Next time I order vegan birds, I will take them up on it! I usually get several at a whack.

Thanks to my friend Stacy, I recently discovered Vege USA. They also make a vegan bird with stuffing and skin. I have yet to try it, but plan to take a trip up to Monrovia and buy a couple for Christmas. I will report back once we have given it the taste test. It too has little fake legs.

Vege USA Vegan Turkey

So, this year I am grateful to all the people who have turned vegan. It is a good thing to do for ourselves and for the planet.

God bless TOFU SKIN!

PS. A couple of years ago I wrote another blog about Thanksgiving and turkies. Here is the link in case you want more.

Helen Grinnell King


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  2. That Tofurkey is picture perfurkey! It looks like a Norman Rockwell!

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