Posted by: jility | June 27, 2013

No Rest for the Wicked

3,500 miles and 60 hours of driving in two months.

3,500 miles and 60 hours of driving in two months.

We began our 1,000 miles trip home to Silver Creek, Washington from Temecula, California two weeks ago. We arrived on Saturday a week and a half ago. Sir Cussalot drove the Global Warmer and pulled the Extortion/Stinkmobile. I drove the Sprinter van and pulled our 12’ utility trailer that houses our two 600 pound freezers, agility equipment and various other “necessities” that don’t fit in the GW.

We were home only a few days and turned around and left for a three day agility camp in Bend, Oregon. The camp was at Desert Sage Agility owned and operated by Stephanie Morris. The instructors for the camp were Stacy Winkler, Laura Derrett, Moe Strenfel & Sandy Rogers. We had a lot of fun and we were exhausted and sore. Because I burned a hole in my stomach taking NSAIDs, I can no longer take Celebrex. I have been sick for almost three months from this dang ulcer. I am SO SO much better as long as I stay away from certain foods.

ANYWAY, the day before we left for the camp, we went to the movies with our friend Jane to see Superman. I ate movie popcorn and got really sick (serves me right). So the five hour drive to Bend was more than unpleasant. You see, when the ulcer acts up, I sweat like crazy no matter how cold it is, feel like I swallowed a bowling ball made of spikes, am sick to my stomach, get anxiety and panic attacks (go figure on that one  –  I had never had a panic attack in my entire life until this ulcer!) and all I want to do is sleep. Driving under those conditions is not much fun. Luckily, my great friends kept me talking on the phone so the drive was unpleasant but uneventful.

Sir C drove the Global Warmer and I drove the Sprinter. I had to leave earlier than he did in order to evaluate a litter of Border Collie pups by Stacy’s wonderful dog Keen. The Sprinter is not towable sadly, so I have to drive it everywhere I want to go instead of riding in the GW.

I arrived about 1 in the afternoon and went to do the puppy testing at 2. I got sicker and sicker until I had to sit down with a few to go. I thought I wouldn’t make it through a few times, but I did. I did the temperament testing that day and the structure the next. It was a very nice litter of confident, good looking pups.

Sir C ran Crush in the camp and I ran Pankies for most of it. Pankies was on fire for the first few sessions but threatened to run out of gas so I traded out for Barque for a session. Pankies did her dog walk and a-frame beautifully and fast! I was thrilled since it was new equipment to her. We didn’t attempt the teeter. We are still working our way back to full height for the billionth time and I didn’t want to risk it. I got some nice compliments on her drive and speed. I never thought that would happen :).

Pankies had one moment in the final session of the three days where she unraveled a bit and went to sniff. Now Pankies has many issues but sniffing, THANK GOD, has never been one of them. I knew she had had enough, so I put her away and got Barque to finish up.

It was a great camp!

After Camp we drove another 5 hours east to John Day, Oregon to the Double J Ranch where I evaluated two more litters of Border Collies. It was a fun trip! We let Xoom see sheep for the first time (see video below) and Crushie got to chase some sheep around as well and had a blast! In the Xoom video you will see they let her half-brother, Howdy, out to show her how to do it. After she watched him for a bit, she got more confident. We were not trying to teach her anything, just let her get used to being in with them and not being afraid. I think she is adorable!

Both litters of pups at Double J were fabulous! There was one male, Pep, that really took my heart, but no boys for this home!

We had a great visit with the Johnson family. What a delight they are, as are their wonderful dogs. It is always a pleasure seeing them. Jef and Rossie Blake also drove down to John Day to see the pups by their fabulous Double J dog Klepto. It was so nice to see them again and spend some time playing with dogs and puppies.

We got home last night after a nine hour drive. Tomorrow I leave for the weekend to attend a Denise Fenzi seminar in Sumner with Barque. Then, next Wednesday we leave for Medford, Oregon (seven hours away) for a four day trial. Then we get to then stay home for a week before we drive up to Sequim for a five day Stacy Winkler seminar!

For those counting, that is about 3,500 miles and 60 hours of driving in two months and doesn’t include the small 100 mile trips we take a few times a week to go grocery shopping (Silver Creek is pretty isolated and we like to buy organic)!

I am exhausted! No rest for the wicked.

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