Posted by: jility | August 14, 2013

No More Talking Smack

For the uninformed, the past few weeks in the King world have been pretty pretty crappy. You can read about the loss of our beloved Josephine in my previous blogs. Then all the dogs got kennel cough and it was a really nasty strain! We missed out on working our dogs in most of the Stacy Winkler 5 day seminar I planned for more than a year and have withdrawn from at least two trials.

Crushie and Xoom Xoom got the kennel cough first. Xoom really hacked and coughed up a bunch of crap but recovered in a few days. Crush seemed to be on the mend but then relapsed. Meanwhile, Isabella got sick and ended up at the vet and Crush ended up in the Olympia emergency hospital at midnight last Saturday with a 105.5 temp and wouldn’t eat. They sent her home with some antibiotics and said she had a sore throat. In retrospect, saying Crush had a sore throat was like saying Moses went for a walk.

Then MeMe got very sick and ran a temp of 104 and wouldn’t eat. WTF!!!!! I had never had kennel cough this bad. We put MeMe on antibiotics and she is on the mend. Temp normal and eating but still hacking like a goose.

Crush ate Sunday morning like she had been starving for a week. Then, Sunday night she refused to eat again. Temp back up to 105. We knew she was really sick because she was not trying to grab the remote out of Mel’s hand and didn’t care about the TV. On Monday, Mel drove her to Sumner Emergency Hospital to see her Auntie Kathy (Dr. Kathy Wendt). They ran a blood test and her white blood cell count was only 1,000!!!!! Her platelets were very low and her temp was 105. They kept her.

Cold wet towels to bring down the fever

Cold wet towels to bring down the fever

Her temperature fluctuated between 105 and 103 and she refused to eat. They mentioned all the possibilities but all I heard was bone marrow cancer. Then I kept remembering Uncle Jef telling me that, except for poor Millie, our dogs always get “fake cancer.” I prayed that was once again the case with Fwushie.

I reminded them that every summer about this time, Crush gets some weird throat infection. It started in 2009 when a grass seed head worked its way from the inside of her throat to the outside. It created a big ole abscess on the front of her throat. We got it healed up but every year about the same time, she has flair ups. I thought scoping her throat was the way to go.

Auntie Kathy PWEEZE make my FWOTE  stop hurting

Auntie Kathy PWEEZE make my FWOTE stop hurting

The plan was to do a bone marrow aspirant to rule out cancer but after consulting with a hot shot veterinary internist, they decided to scope her after all. If all looked good in her throat, they would then do the bone marrow aspirant.

Before going in, they ran another blood count.

White cells were up all the way to 4,000 :). Good news! Temp 103 🙂 Not eating 😦

Auntie Kathy bought me some Fresh Pet but it hurtz too much to eat it.

Auntie Kathy bought me some Fresh Pet but it hurtz too much to eat it.

We were scared to death that, in her weakened state, she would not do well with the anesthesia. I trust Sumner and Auntie Kathy to take great care of her so I told them to go ahead. We had to do something!

Kathy called to say Crushie had ulcers! They were very bad too. The ulcerations started in her mouth and extended down her esophagus and into her stomach. She said her stomach was wall to wall ulcers! No wonder she felt like crap!

No bone marrow aspirant! 🙂

So, now they knew what was wrong but not why. They took biopsies but we don’t have the results back yet.

Her treatment plan was doxycycline, Baytril,  metronidazole (Flagyl) and scralfate  to coat the lining of her digestive tract and to aid in healing.

We crossed our fingers.

By evening, her temp had dropped to 102.9! FABULOUS NEWS!!!!

Still not eating 😦

When I called at 10 last night her temp was down to 101.5!!!! MORE fabulous news! 🙂

Still not eating 😦

When I called at 6 in the morning, temp still down to 101.5!!!! 🙂

Still not eating 😦

So, hoping she might eat for me, I drove the two hours each way to go see her this morning (Mel had to go to the dentist so I went alone). I brought all her favorite foods: Costco grilled chicken, sardines in water (no salt of course), ZD canned dog food (go figure but they ALL love that crap) and K9 Magic from

When I walked into the isolation ward at the hospital, Crushie was lying in her cage with the door open and her little tail went THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP. She pulled back her little lips and smiled at me as she exited the cage and slunk over to see me. She looked very sad and very sheepish as only a Border collie can. She jumped up on me (they had removed the IV to take her potty so she was not attached to fluids when I arrived). She buried her little Fwushie head in my legs and hung onto me for dear life. I told her something wonderful was going to happen so she sat looking at me with great anticipation. I tossed her a small piece of chicken which she gobbled with great enthusiasm, then made a terrible face like it really really hurt. I got her to take on more little piece but she promptly spit it out on the floor. She wouldn’t take more after that.

So then I tried the sardines; no go. I was shocked.

She looked like she really wanted to eat but it was just too painful.

So then I got out the K9 Magic and offered her a small piece which she ate eagerly, then made that, OH CRAP THAT REALLY FREAKING HURT face. She took another but immediately spit it out on the floor.

Then we tried the ZD. YUK she said. We tried making a slurry out of the ZD so she could lap it but she would have none of it.

So then I thought about how I had taught her early in her life that when you are offered a treat, you must take it. I played a game, a Crate Game :). I sent her into her cage and she turned and sat waiting for further instructions. I tossed in a piece of K9 Magic about the size of a millet ball (TINY). She gobbled it. I threw in more tiny pieces which she also gobbled with joy. Telling her they were her beloved “EASTER BISCUITS!” I managed to get her to eat a few tablespoons worth of the treats before she decided it was just too painful.

We went outside and she was excited at first until she realized we were going to the potty yard. Crushie is grossed out by potty yards. She must go to a pristine place to do her thing. She tiptoed over the pea gravel like it was a bed of hot coals, trying to stay as close to the edge of the yard as she could. Crushie hates to walk where cur dogs have pottied. She is a princess through and through.

Auntie Kathy said they were about to run another blood count. It would take an hour or so for results, so I decided to drive home (the granddollars had a dance recital in the evening at the Lewis County Fair and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t late).

White blood cell count 11,610!!!!!! Was 1,000!

Platelet count NORMAL!!!!!!!

Still not eating :(. Has not eaten since Sunday. :((((

So, we are far from out of the woods. We need to know why she is getting those ulcers every year. I am sure they were so bad this year because her immune system was wiped out from the kennel cough. We will know more in a few days when the biopsies are back.

All of the prayers and positive thoughts from our wonderful and supportive friends (Facebook and otherwise 🙂 have meant the world to us and, I am sure to Fwushie. Positive energy is everything!

Oh, and I made a pact with God. I said,”Dear God, if you make our Crushie well, I promise to be a better person. I promise to stop talking smack about people.”

I told a friend about it she said, “How are you going to do that? It is a sport for you!”

I guess she has a point.

Uncle Jef said I should have thought it through a little better.

He too has a point.

But, a promise is a promise! Especially to the BIG GUY upstairs.

So, the next time you seek me out to talk smack, don’t be surprised if I just silently nod my head and smile. I promised not to talk smack, but I never said anything about not listening to it ;).


Please continue to keep Crushie and all our Hooligans in your thoughts and prayers. I hope this run of crap luck is over and all nice things happen from here on out.



Claudia and Mel say writing a blog about a happy ending (which this was not!) is the kiss of death. Let it be known that I am fully prepared for more s#!t storms but pray they blow out to sea.


  1. well leave to your dogs to get something weird! I have now officially put your whole tribe in the prayer chain. I don’t know if I will like you as much being a MIME!

  2. This is a bit of a long shot… But, since Crush gets these ulcers at the same time each year, she may be eating weeds that she is sensitive to. In our area of Washington state, we have lots of buttercup. Ingestation can cause mouth and digestive ulcers in dogs and cattle. My border collie loves to pull it up by the roots, and is fortunately not sensitive, although I discourage this behavior as much as I can. Good luck!

  3. Best thoughts for you and the hooligans. I guess that I will step up and
    take over the smack talking for you!


    • Thanks Mike. I will enjoy listening 🙂

  4. Poor princess! Sending healing thoughts and prayers.
    You promised not to talk smack, right? Writing and talking are two different things….. 😉

  5. Sending good thoughts to you and your beautiful girl!

  6. How about a pain reliever like buprenorphine before feeding?

  7. Nothing is more unnerving than a dog that won’t eat and there is nothing you can do to convince them. Hugs to Princess Frushie (and you too Helen)

  8. Helen, might want to consider a temporary feeding tube – its pretty painless and can get the nutrition in her while the ulcers heal.

  9. Helen, you and Mel and Crushie and Xoom and all the King dogs are in our thoughts and prayers.

  10. Thank goodness Frushie is still an over achiever even when she doesn’t feel well!

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