Posted by: jility | August 15, 2013

The Fwushie Song

The phone rang about 6:30 this morning. It was Sumner Vet Hospital. I had been lying awake for an hour or so, trying to get enough courage to call them for a Crushie update. As of 10:30 the previous night she still had not eaten.

I answered and the voice on the other end said, “Hi, this is Doctor Aluas calling about Crush.” Dr. Aluas is the overnight critical care vet at Sumner and he always sounds so serious.

My heart sank and butterflies went wild in there. I had assumed if things were okay, nobody would call. I am a tad gun shy at this point.

“Crush is doing well,” he continued in a guardedly optimistic voice. Now that is a HUGE improvement over yesterday morning’s, “Crush is doing okay,” delivered with a sad, sighing voice. I heard those words in that voice over and over about Josephine when she was in the emergency hospital down in Medford (and we all know how that ended).

“She is a lot brighter than she was yesterday but she is still not eating. We tried putting food in her mouth but she spit it back out and looked very indignant.” Well DUH! She IS the princess you know and you guys are NOT the boss of her!

I asked him about giving her an appetite stimulant and he said he thought that was a good idea and would do so in a bit. I told him Mel and I would drive up with more goodies to try to entice her to eat something. It had been four days since she had eaten anything significant and she couldn’t last many more days without food.

I asked about tube feeding her but the doctor explained that because her throat and stomach were so ulcerated and the way she fought them putting food in her mouth, that tube feeding could cause more trouble than it might fix. His gut feeling (no pun intended) was to allow Crush more time to decide to eat or not.

He had a good point.

We fed the dogs, took a shower, loaded Isabella in the car so she wouldn’t be left alone and headed out the driveway for the two hour drive to Sumner. Auntie Kathy called just as we were pulling into the hospital to tell me that Crush had actually eaten a little bit on her own that morning. I assumed it was due to the appetite stimulant.

They took us back to the isolation ward to see Crush. As you walked through the glass doors of Crushie’s room there was a large tray (cat box) with an antiseptic soaked towel for wiping feet coming and going. It was more to protect Crushie because of her low white blood than to protect the outside world from her plague.

Crush saw us and came barreling out of her cage; IV in tow. Mel intercepted her before she ran out of tube. Luckily, it was attached to the rear leg so she had more wiggle room before she hit the end of the line. The tech grabbed her back end and removed the tube from the catheter while Mel held on to her front end. She was trying so hard to climb on him. Once she was free, it was as if I didn’t exist. She only had eyes for her Grampa. She jumped on him and hung on for dear life. She was so happy to see him.

She looked much brighter than she had the day before. Mel brought Carnivore cookies for her. I didn’t think she would eat them because they are so dry, but Mel’s instincts were right and I was wrong (now, you won’t read that statement every day! ;)). Mel broke them into little pieces to make them easier for her to eat and she gobbled them down!!! It was obvious by the way she ate them that her mouth and throat still hurt. BUT SHE ATE!!!! We got her to eat three or four Carnivore Cookies and some dehydrated treats by having her do tricks and catching the treats. Then I tossed Easter Biscuits on the floor and she did the big Easter Biscuit hunt and ate all of them. We smiled for the first time in days and Fwushie did too.

Finding the Easter Biscuits!

Finding the Easter Biscuits!

Dr. Bronk peeked in to say hi. I told her Crush had eaten fairly well and that I was glad they had given her the appetite stimulant. She said with a smile, “OH they DIDN’T give her the appetite stimulant!”

Okay, now for the first time in MANY days, I was encouraged! Crushie had eaten without the help of drugs!

Mel sat on the floor with Crushie and had her turn over for her belly rub. They do that every night. Crushie loves it.

Assuming the position for a tummy rub

Assuming the position for a tummy rub from her Grampa

Then he sang “The Fwushie Song” to her. She LOVES it when you tell her she is a good girl. She gets incredibly excited when you say, “GOOD GIRL FWUSHIE! GOOD GIRL FWUSHIE! GOOD GIRL FWUSHIE!”

Singin the Fwushie song

We took her for a little walk out in the potty yard (she is underwhelmed by that potty yard. It is for DOGS but not princesses). We stayed for a while and tried to get her to eat sardines, but no go. When it was time to leave, I told her to get in her cage and she ran to it with anticipation of further direction. I tossed in some treats while singsonging, “EASTER BISCUITS.” She ate a few but then looked uninterested. I threw in some of Isabella’s vegan kibble (they all love that stuff) and some Dr. Harvey’s dehydrated sweet potato fries but she just sat looking at us. We so wanted to take her home with us. Life in the Global Warmer is very dull without our little insane crackhead running the show.

Later that afternoon the phone rang and it was Dr. Bronk.

“We have the results of the respiratory culture and the biopsy of her ulcers.”

I held my breath. I almost didn’t want to know. All I could think was please don’t let it be cancer or fungus.

Dr. Bronk read the repost to me. NOT CANCER! NOT FUNGUS!!!

Yippee aye oh ki yay!!!!!!

The respiratory stuff was ho hum kennel cough crap, nothing exciting.

Still no idea what those ulcers are or why. The report suggested irritation from a foreign body. Perhaps that window screen she tore to shreds when Mel was playing with MeMe Saturday had something to do with it, or then again, perhaps not since she gets those ulcers in her mouth and throat every year about this time. I don’t think we will ever know for sure.

All I know is our little red crackhead is on the mend.

Dr. Bronk said that Crush had not eaten anything more for the tech but that all the treats I had thrown into her cage were gone! J

They said she may get to come home tomorrow!!!! I sure hope so cause all these days in the hospital, well ca-ching ca-ching!


PWEEZE can I go home now Auntie Kathy? I pwomise to eat all my dinner.

PWEEZE can I go home now Auntie Kathy? I pwomise to be a good girl and eat all my dinner.

PS. When I forget, Mel reminds me that my smack talking days are over. I never realized how much smack talking I do on a daily basis! Making fun truly IS a sport for me and it makes me laugh to poke fun at myself as well as others. No harm meant, I just like to laugh and it doesn’t matter at whose expense.

I am trying to be a better person, even if it means I have to find a nicer way to make myself laugh.

I wonder if my pact includes talking smack about myself. HMMMMMMMMM


  1. Oh my goodness Helen! You have had such a bad run.. I am SO glad to read Crush is feeling better.. and everything crossed it continues!

  2. GREAT news! I can see how special she is through your blog and Mels song and belly scratches. Still in the prayer chain. A few extra can’t hurt!

  3. This is wonderful!!!! You go, Crushie, and eat, eat, eat!!!! Thanks for the update 🙂

  4. What a harrowing time. This post choked me up.
    Thankful for Crushies healing , and the relief for you both.
    Love is all around for sure.

  5. WAHOOOOO! Thanks for update!


  7. Best news I’ve heard all day! Way to go Crushie!

  8. Looking forward to hearing the story of her grabbing the keys to the car and driving you home to the motor home.

  9. So happy Helen! Yeah!!!

  10. Oh, I’m just a mess here worrying about Crush today – thank you THANK you for the update! Fingers crossed over here!

  11. When sitting on the floor, I loved seeing Mel cupping his left hand so Crushie could lay her head on it instead of her having to lay it on the hard floor….lots of small loving things seen in that video. ; )

  12. I hear the relief and happiness in your writing:) So good to hear good news!

  13. what if each individual gives you permission to talk smack about them? would that be ok? we could start a petition LOL

    so glad to hear the red head is on the mend 🙂

  14. So sweet of her and your husband on the floor…good thoughts going out to her for happy heeling…

  15. So glad Crushie is on the mend!! And, to get technical, you only agreed not to TALK smack, nobody said nuthin about BLOGGING smack…. 🙂

  16. Such a loving report,please find a way to talk smack again.

  17. Such great news! Goodgirl Crushie!

  18. Brings tears to my eyes to see her & Mel. I’m glad she’s doing better

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