Posted by: jility | August 18, 2013

The Butler

It was a walk down Memory Lane. Some memories good, some not so good, but the movie was fabulous!

The Butler is based on a true story about a man who was a butler for eight Presidents, starting with Eisenhower. It is a history lesson seen through his eyes. Having lived through most of those times, it really hit home.

I remember when African Americans had to sit in the back of the bus, drink from a separate drinking fountain or eat in a segregated area. God forbid if they tried to vote or date anyone outside of their own race!!! It was a shameful time in our history.

I entered college in Upstate New York in 1968. That year marked the first time in the history of the school that African Americans were allowed to attend. Having grown up in New England, sheltered from racial hatred and intolerance and raised by very nonbigoted parents, that little fact blew me away!

As I ventured outside my own little New England world, I saw ugliness and hatred I couldn’t believe. I was ashamed of the human race on many occasions. I am still ashamed when it comes to the way gays and lesbians are treated. It is hard for me to believe that bigotry and hatred still exist on so many levels just because of the color of somebody’s skin, their sex or their preference in partners. SHAME on society for not giving equal rights to ALL people! We were all created equal but it is clear that some are still MORE equal than others.

Perhaps I am more emotional than I normally am because of the sad and stressful events in our life over this past year, but I found myself in tears throughout much of the movie. Those who know me well, know that crying in front of others is something I hate to do just about more than anything. Some of my tears while watching The Butler were tears of joy, some were tears of empathy, some were tears of sadness, some for the inhumanity and some just because. This movie really hit me hard.

The Butler got decent reviews but, in my opinion, they should have been even better! I loved this movie. The cast were AMAZING!

If you are sitting on the fence about seeing The Butler, RUN to the box office. You won’t be sorry!


  1. Loved the Butler but you’re right it was like being on an emotional rollercoaster-I felt wrung out after seeing it. I had forgotten how much I like Oprah’s acting!

  2. I’m going tomorrow. I can’t wait. I was excited before but now I am way beyond that. I’ll take my hankie!

  3. Loved your comments Helen, had similar experiences growing up in Chicago!

  4. I hope I can get to see it.

  5. Seeing it soon! Can’t wait! So glad Oprah is acting in movies again!

  6. I, too, wept.

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