Posted by: jility | August 27, 2013

Crushie’s Ulcers

It has been two weeks since Crush was diagnosed with a severe case of ulcers in her mouth, throat and stomach. She has improved daily and is now back to her obnoxious self.

The photos of the ulcers taken with the scope are very scary!

One of the mouth ulcers

One of the mouth ulcers

Tummy ulcer

Tummy ulcers

More ulcers

More ulcers

Nasty tummy hole

Nasty tummy hole

No wonder she wouldn't eat!

No wonder she wouldn’t eat!



We took her back to Sumner today for a follow up scope. CLEAN AS A WHISTLE! Auntie Kathy (Dr. Kathy Wendt) said there was a lineup of doctors and techs waiting to see what the scope would reveal. She said everyone was shocked today when there was not a single ulcer to be found! Fwushie does everything fast, including healing herself ;).

Clean as a whistle!

Clean as a whistle! The white spots are just light reflections.

While she was there, we had them do a shock wave treatment on her shoulder. She is lame again and will need three treatments., three weeks apart. If it works, she will return to agility. If it doesn’t, her incredible agility career may be over. Let’s hope it works. I can’t imagine Crushie without a hard hitting job to do! Sir Cussalot can’t imagine not running her.

Poor little Fwushie.

Poor us! She is going to drive us insane!

Crushie is on leash rest. She is going to go even crazier than she already is..

Watching TV from her crate. Very sad.

Use that dang remote GRAMPA!

Use that dang remote GRAMPA!


  1. That’s great news Helen, and hope the shoulder treatment works for your little girl.

  2. Glad the little girl is on the mend. They are truly incredible self healing doctors!

  3. So glad to hear things are on the mend for Crushie…she is lucky to have such good parents! I miss seeing you all at trials, hope to be back doing it soon. Sue H

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