Posted by: jility | September 9, 2013

Xoom’s BIg Abenture at the UKI Trial

This past weekend, Mel and I attended the UKI trial at Argus Ranch in Auburn, WA. There were very few people there which is a big mystery to me! With AKC trials every single weekend, I am blown away that people are not willing to give up one AKC trial to attend UKI in order to train in the ring or practice Euro style courses! I hear the Be’s and the Wanna Be’s bitching all the time that the AKC courses are too easy! Why weren’t all these people at the UKI trial getting their fix of Euro courses??? We don’t like the Euro courses so we enter beginner classes. We train anyway so we just make up our own courses. UKI is FABULOUS! I wish we had more of them!

At a UKI trial, you can TAKE A TOY INTO THE RING AND TRAIN!!!!! The runs are only $12 if you enter online and $15 if you enter the day of the trial! If you want a redo after the run, you pay $5 and get to do it all over again! Where else in agility to you get a Mulligan for FIVE BUCKS? The second run is not for competition but WHATEVER! If you run for real and want to work on something in the course, you just pay five bucks and fix it! Why wouldn’t you enter UKI just for that?

So Mel & I took the weekend and drove up to spend three days training our dogs in the ring! It was also the first time our little Xoom had ever been in a ring (or ever done more than 3 jumps in a row for that matter). Xoom is 17 months old now and just started jumping recently. We have not started her weave training but that will go fast I am sure.

Pankies is freaky about her contacts so what a great opportunity to work that! She gets brave watching Barque do them, so I let her watch and then ran her. Pankies did not balk at ONE SINGLE CONTACT ALL WEEKEND!!!! Last week I was ready to quit again. That will not be the last time I want to quit either; I guarantee that! She is such a roller coaster ride!

Last winter and spring, Barque decided that leaving the startline was just too scary and quit running. The whole litter is a bit touched in the head. We pulled her from competition last December and she is just now starting back. It was a HUGE confidence builder for her and for Mel! She was AWESOME!

There were five of the eight puppies form our Brag x Charisse litter there on Sunday! It was WONDERFUL!!!!! I was SOOOOOO PROUD! They are all doing SUPER!

Almost a year ago to the day, Xoom was completely paralyzed due to a mutation in her C 1 vertebra and we were not sure if she would live or die. They said she would never do agility for sure. She had surgery to remove the top of her C 1 vertebra and slowly but surely, her movement returned. Here is a blog I wrote if you want to know more about it.

She spent four months in a crate, only allowed out to potty on a leash for the first two months, then careful monitoring for the next two months with no activities other than to potty off leash.

Here are some blogs I wrote right after she came home:

On November 8th, Xoom was given the OK from her neurologist to be off leash for the first time. The first time she was allowed to run free, I cried. It was so wonderful, but her coordination left a lot to be desired! She bunny hoped behind and could barely run but she was running! She was happy too! Xoom is always a happy girl!

Agility may be too dangerous for our little (who is actually not so little and measured 20 ¾” tall!) Xoom Xoom but she LOVES it! So she is not particularly fast, nor will she ever be, but she is WALKING! SHE IS RUNNING! AND SHE IS A LOVELY JUMPER! She had a HUGE smile on her face the entire time Mel had her in the ring. It brought tears to my eyes, but this time they were tears of joy! He just did a little loop with her. I adore this little girl with her adorable freckles and smiling face!

Here is her BIG ABENTURE in the ring!

Is she the cutest thing you ever saw in your life? OK, even if you don’t think so, keep it to yourself and just nod yes J.



  1. Hey, I had trouble finding an email address. Can you email me so I can ask you a question?

  2. helen and mel- your love and compassion for xoom is a wonderful thing to behold, as was her jumping!!!! keep sharing! it makes my day!

  3. wonderful!!

  4. Xoom looks great! Congrats.

  5. Xoom Xoom! You don’t know what a big smile and tears you brought to my eyes! I am so happy you are out and about. It doesn’t matter whether you ever compete or whether you can weave – but to see you running and working and thinking and having a great time is the best gift EVA!

  6. So cool!!


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