Posted by: jility | September 29, 2013


Fall is here now, how do I know?

The rain just won’t stop and the grass it does grow.

I hate the rain, it makes me all wet,

I’m moving down SOUTH, on that you can bet!

Sittin’ in my hot tub, watching steam rise;

All this damp weather will be my demise.

If I had to live here for the rest of my life,

I would slit my own throat with a big scary knife!

I’m bored just to tears, with nuthin’ to do,

No more big jility, ‘cause our ground turned to goo!

I hate not competing; trialing clears out my head,

Now I just want to hibernate and lie in my bed

And pull up the covers, ‘till it’s time to head south,

I can’t even put anything good in my mouth!

My gallbladder’s on strike from all the damage I’ve done,

So now I stick to no fat and that’s not much fun!

The upside is that I am losing some weight,

It’s giving up movie popcorn that I really do hate!

The dogs are all healthy, so that ain’t so bad;

We needed some time without anything sad.

This rhyme is depressing, but so is the rain

How anyone lives here, well, that is not plain!

I HATE the cloud cover and the liquid it spews!

Palm trees feed my soul and the sun is my muse.

I long for the desert and the warmth it does bring,

It warms up my bones and makes my heart sing.

So soon we will leave this horrible place

Where the rain is so cold it freezes your face!

I long for the beaches, the sun and warm sands,

Walking beaches up here blows the skin off your hands.

That’s all the depression I can take for one poem

My mind will be better, once we get home.



  1. You could come to North Dakota and enjoy the sun-while it’s -20! Safe travels.

    • Why do you live there? LOL

  2. I totally agree with you about the rain. And could apply the same feelings to cold and snow. We are having a beautiful, sunny fall, but the cool evenings remind me of what is coming….Wishing you safe travels to your sunny place:)

  3. You still got it!!!
    Thank you thank you
    Thank you!!!

    Sent from my iPad


  4. YEAH!!! THAT’S what I’m talkin bout!!!

    Go South, young girl, go South!
    Take that whinesicle out yo mouth!
    Follow the sun and have some fun
    Then write a happy one when you’re done!

    Thank you for my poetry fix, Helen!!! : ) I lOVE it!

  5. Hell (Helen) when I lived in Portland I remember just one day in the Fall when we would have one of those foggy rains and I knew I would not see sun until May. And that is literally the truth in the Pacific NW (although I would like to add it is a really beautiful part of the country)

  6. It rained for 70 days straight here in Florida this past summer! But Fall is looking better.

  7. Whiner! When are you leaving town?

    Wendy Sorrell

    *AKC Breeder of Merit*

    • Not soon enough! Probably the end of the month.

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