Posted by: jility | February 10, 2014


OK, this is going to be one of the most politically incorrect blogs I have ever written. If you don’t like that kind of thing, you need to quit reading now. If you don’t quit reading, please don’t write to me to tell me how horrible I am. I just hope that those who actually GET IT, also get a good laugh.

I am one of the least bigoted people on the planet. I don’t care what race, color, religion, sex, weight, height, or whatever else you are. I believe that ALL people deserve to be equal! I believe in marriage for all, equal benefits for all and love for our fellow man (assuming they are not buttheads to others). I do not tolerate mean,

I was raised to see all people as equals. Yes, sadly, some are still more equal than others, especially in certain parts of the world and in certain parts of this Country.

I was brought up in Gloucester, Mass, a crazed hockey town. We had season tickets to the Boston Bruins and we sat right behind the visiting bench. We heckled the heck out of those guys. I can’t believe they didn’t turn around and deck us!

Those were the days. There were only SIX teams in the NHL. NOBODY wore helmets in the pros. If you did, you were a BIG WIMP! The fights were legendary! Now THAT was hockey at its best!

I remember when the Bruins great goalie, Gerry Cheevers, showed up wearing a mask! We all thought he was a HUGE baby! Then he made the goalie masks cool. Every time he got hit in the face by puck, skate or stick, he drew stitches on his mask. That made the mask fun and acceptable. Here is the story.


The history of the goalie mask can be read here

It wasn’t too long after Gerry made the goalie mask cool, that more babies on the ice started wearing helmets! It was a given in high school hockey and college, BUT THE PROS???? COME ON! What was the world coming to? Eventually, the helmet became mandatory. Sure, it had its advantages (like saving lives) BUT THIS IS HOCKEY!!!! This is not badminton or croquet! It is down and dirt, slam ‘em against the boards, check the crap out of ‘em, then beat the S#!T out of ‘em! It didn’t get any better than a knock down drag out fight. First the gloves came off and then it really got good! The more blood the better!

Then what happened? THEY BANNED FIGHTING! That was right up there with banning victory dances in football! That was the only reason I watched freakin foosball in the first place!

Not only did they suck all the fun out of hockey by regulating it to death, the hockey league grew from six AWESOME teams with great rivalries,  to THIRTY teams, most mediocre and not worth watching. I lost interest in my beloved sport of hockey after that.

Hockey doesn’t belong in cities that can grow palm trees and citrus! Now don’t get me wrong! Two major criteria of where we live are that palm trees and citrus must grow there. JUST NOT HOCKEY!

Now I tune in Olympic Hockey and what do I see? WOMEN!!! WTF????? How can I cheer for body slams against the boards, checking and dirty play with a bunch of girls on the ice? Two words for them, FIGURE SKATING!!!!



  1. Loved it!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. remember pretty guy lafleur with his hair streaming behind him as he skated sans casque? damn fine… loved my original Canadiens.

    those girls though deys purdy good

  3. I guess you never played field hockey against the mean girls at my high school.


  4. my daughter loved soccer & basketball because they were contact sports … she hated volleyball because they couldn’t body slam their opponents … she was never happier then when she played on the boys varsity soccer game thru high school … hockey would have been her sport had it been offered 🙂

    oh, and she was an awesome dancer too, refined & elegant … girls can do it all LOL

  5. Yeah! GO FIGURE!

  6. I know, before you know it women will want to participate in ski jumping and that thing where they ski and shoot guns, crazy!

    • I know Steve! And the bobsled thingy events too!

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