Posted by: jility | September 3, 2014

GIrlz Just Wanna Have FU-UN…

The Dog Agility Blog Event for Wednesday September 3rd, 2014 is:

“Outside the Ring”

This subject was chosen to help us all learn ways to build our relationship with our dogs and improve our performances in the ring.

To read other blogs on the subject go to

Dogs have been a huge part of my entire 64ish years on this earth. I adore them. I love watching them play, interact with other dogs, people or other animals. They make me laugh and they make me cry, but most importantly, they enrich my life in so many ways.

I love training our dogs for agility, but I also love taking them places they love to go. Their most favorite extra curricular activity is a toss up between swimming and ball chasing so we try to combine both as often as we can. The more fun we have with our girls, the more they love playing with us. We must spell S-W-I-M-M-I-N-G or B-A-L-L or ALL hell breaks loose! Their excitement is intoxicating.

No matter where we travel, we always try to find a place where our girls can have fun!

Rather than write a long blog about why these things we do are so good for their body, mind and soul, I will let the photos and videos speak for themselves.

Millie was such a good swimmer and she loved swimming in this lake at Four Paws.


Crushie’s first swim in Indiana


Lure Coursing at the 2006 USDAA Nationals in Kentucky

Miss Millie Angel LOVED lure coursing!

Posing for the obligatory group photo (great for proofing sit stays :))

In Texas at a trial. More sit stay practice, balancing and staying focused with a ton of stuff going on in the background


Josephine loved to go dock diving so we took as often as we could.



The beach is a great place to keep the dogs fit. Crushie loves to be chased by the Poodles. They learn to run fast and turn sharply.

On Assateague Beach after PCA 2007 BEACHES ARE THE BEST!

On Assateague Beach after PCA 2007 BEACHES ARE THE BEST!

Swimming is good for fitness, fun and fraternization.



Learning to react to body languiage

Learning to react to body language

The most favoritest thing on the planet!


The End



  1. Looks like you have loads of fun! We love so many of these activities too.

  2. Great way to condition, socialize . Natural play, skills learned in the way dogs love best, and it is obvious they all are having a ball , Just like when I see them run in agility !~

  3. my friends!

  4. On Dogs and Mud video, it always strikes me strange that dogs don’t spontaneously take the agility equipment as they run around on their own through an equipped field. My dogs will occasionally take the A-frame, but nothing else unless asked. They truly do agility “for us”.

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