What would possess two nearly sane adults to sell a perfectly good winter home on a golf course in the Southern California desert and give a lovely home on 55 acres in Washington State to their son and his family and move into a 400 square foot RV?


The writings contained in this blog are irreverent at times so if you are not a fan of irreverent or dark humor, please don’t bother reading because you just might be offended.

The Royal Jility Girlz


  1. Came across your blog after reading your agile dog post regarding stem cells for torn ACLs. so far I have read about the finest poop bags in the world! might have to try those! I was wondering how costly stem cell treatment is/ was….and what is/ was involved…if it is on your blog, I would be interested I reading about it….. Love your sense of humor and the Global Warmer! I have a 13.5 foot travel trailer, so there is a little envy going on here!

  2. Irreverent is my middle name. That’s right – Tooty Irreverent Nolan. You’re bookmarked.

  3. Hi Helen, I followed your link from a post on the tudorose google group and found this blog.
    All I can say is…wow you are living my dream. I read the book Queen of the Road by Doreen Orion a few years ago about her and her husband travelling the states with their poodle and cat and I was very intrigued by the concept.
    You are a brave one to follow your dream.

    • We have a LOT of fun! 😉

  4. That white one looks pretty big….

    • 25″ tall and her sister is 24 3/4″ tall.

  5. 8 girlz, I keep telling Marvin if you can do 8 in 400 sq ft we can do 7 in 2800 sq ft and 5 acres 🙂 🙂

    • Of course you can!!! 🙂

  6. Haha it’s NOT snowing where you are. Nice try. But great family shot.

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